Sidexan 10ml Adam Labs 100 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Adam Propionate)

Sidexan 10ml Adam Labs 100 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Adam Propionate)




Buy Drostanolone Propionate from Adam Labs

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The drug Sidexan (drostanolone propionate), which can be bought in Ukraine using the services of specialized Internet resources, is also known under other trademarks. The active substance is drostanolone propionate, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The action lasts two or three days. A feature of the drug, which led to its widespread use, is a low anabolic activity with a high androgenic index. As a consequence, there is no aromatization in the presence of antiestrogen activity.

Such properties and the absence of hepatotoxicity ensured a high level of safety, so strength sports fans tend to buy Adam Labs Masteron, despite the rather high price of the drug.

Description of the action of Sidexan (drostanolone propionate)

Using one of the safest achievements in sports pharmacology, athletes seek to extract the positive effects of Sidexan action, deservedly collecting rave reviews.Under the influence of the drug, muscle tissue acquires greater density and hardness, impressive relief, physical strength indicators increase, the volume of the fat layer decreases sharply, and the level of free testosterone increases.

The use of a drug that does not cause fluid retention allows you to save the gained muscle mass, giving it a higher quality. Athletes willingly take this aromatase inhibitor for drying. It is known that the use of the drug during the passage of diets for weight loss is effective. How to take Masteron Adam Labs and undergo post-cycle therapy Injections are performed every other day or three times a week. The duration of the course can be six to eight or ten to twelve weeks, the weekly dosage is selected in the range of 300-500 mg. An increase in the dose of administration has little effect on the improvement of results; injections with a greater frequency are not recommended categorically. Passing a solo course is associated with certain inconveniences, which are eliminated by combining with other anabolic steroids. For example, when drying, a pronounced synergistic effect is released when combined with:

  • winstrol (stanozolol). Less interaction of winstrol with androgen receptors allows to lower the level of SHBG,

For muscle building, a combination with testosterone propionate in an eight-week cycle is often used. At the same time, drostanolone propionate and testosterone propionate are injected every other day at 100 mg. In view of the suppression of natural testosterone production taking place on this course, the use of gonadotropin and post-cycle therapy will be required.It consists of taking tamoxifen for three weeks.

To increase muscle mass, the combination of Masteron Adam Labs with:

  • boldenone, trenbolone.

With regard to the use of the drug by women, there are quite strong objections, due to the strong androgenic effect, leading to virilization. Dosages not exceeding 25 mg per week are considered acceptable.

Side effects of the drug drostanolone propionate Adam Labs

Due to the low anabolic index, combined with significant androgenic activity, the use of drostanoldone propionate can lead to undesirable manifestations, which include:

acne, virilization, prostate hypertrophy, baldness, increased aggressiveness.

It should be noted that the likelihood of undesirable effects is extremely low, since the drug is indeed highly safe. They appear, in the vast majority of cases, in violation of the instructions laid down in the instructions.

The practice of using the drug has shown that it does not show hepatotoxicity, does not cause fluid retention in the body and increase blood pressure.


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