Sustandrol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (Sustandrol Sustanon Balkan)

Sustandrol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 250 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (Sustandrol Sustanon Balkan)




Buy Sustanon 250 from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Sustandrol (Sustandrol) – a new trade name for the composite preparation from Balkan Pharma, a better known name among bodybuilders – "SUSTANON 250". Before the redesign and rebranding, the drug was called "SUSTAMED" (Sustamed)

Sustandrol is based on a combination of testosterone esters. The drug began to be produced by the Organon company in the 1970s. Initially, the drug was used to treat diseases that were caused by a lack of androgenic testosterone (for example, sexual dysfunction, delayed sexual development, some cancers in women, osteoporosis, etc.). You can find a detailed description of the use of the drug for medical purposes in the instructions that come with the Sustandrol ampoules.

Why buy Sustandrol

The use of Sustandrol 250 by bodybuilders enables them to quickly gain muscle mass and gain strength.The drug enhances the production of red blood cells, which improves the supply of oxygen to muscle tissue, which in turn will increase strength and endurance, as well as enhance performance and accelerate recovery processes in the body. The accumulation of fluid increases the strength characteristics of the muscles, and the drug also increases the synthesis of synovial fluid, which makes it easier for your joints to work.

Today, Sustandrol from the Balkan manufacturer is recognized as one of the most effective androgenic drugs for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength. In addition, it is worth noting that the drug almost does not cause a rollback effect. And although you will need to work on the quality of your muscles, the increase in muscle mass will be very significant. That is why Sustandrol has become the main drug of the mass-gaining complex for many athletes.

The duration of taking this drug is approximately six to eight weeks, at a weekly dosage of 250-750 mg. Athletes who are already familiar with steroids, in particular with Sustamed, can increase the weekly dosage to 1000 mg.

If you have never taken steroids at all, then you should not start with Sustamed. Without preparation, you should not start with large doses, because, firstly, the minimum dosage is enough for a good effect, and secondly, it is not known how your body will react to the drug. You need to start with minimal doses, despite the fact that the price of the drug is much more affordable than many other steroids.

Pharmacokinetic properties and application features of Sustandrol

The composition of the drug includes testosterone esters, which have different release periods: testosterone propionate – the first day, testosterone phenylpropionate and isocaproate 2 weeks, testosterone decanoate begins to act a little later, however, at the same time its effect lasts longer. Due to this, the drug acts for about four weeks after the injection.

Testosterone decanoate starts its effect later, but lasts longer. In the blood, almost 98% of testosterone binds to a specific fraction of globulins that binds testosterone and estradiol.

Biotransformation occurs in the liver to various 17-ketosteroids, which, after conjugation with glucuronic or sulfuric acid, are excreted in the urine (approximately 90%). About 6% of the absorbed drug is excreted in the feces in an unbound form.

Taking the drug for 8 weeks, you can increase muscle mass by about 8-10 kg. To improve the result, it is proposed to combine Sustamed with other steroids.

The best combinations are:

Sustandrol + Anapolon,

Sustandrol + Danabol,

A large amount of testosterone that enters the body of an athlete increases the effect of aromatization, and with it the risk of side effects. However, along with this, you will get a big breakthrough in terms of increasing mass, which will block all psychological discomfort. It is worth noting that all side effects can be eliminated with Proviron or Tamoximed, which lower the concentration of estrogen. Anastrozole is even more effective in dealing with the effects of aromatization (although this drug will cost you a little more).

To increase strength capabilities, it is recommended to use Nandrolone or a similar powerful anabolic with little or no androgenic effect in conjunction with Sustandrol 250+.

Sustandrol stamed negatively affects the synthesis of its own testosterone. This becomes especially pronounced after a long course, unreasonably high dosages or frequent doses.

After the end of the course, you need to start taking Tamoximed or Clomid.

The drug should not be taken by adolescents, as they have not yet reached puberty, as well as by girls and women, since the drug provokes strong manifestations of virilization. But if a woman still decides to use Sustandrol, you need to use a reasonable dosage, which does not exceed 250 mg, with a course duration of six weeks and an injection frequency of once every two weeks.

Beginners often ask: what is Sustamed 250, about which they have seen so many positive reviews, what is its difference from other drugs, including Omnadren? It should be noted right away that the active ingredient and concentration are the same for both the first and second drugs.

It is also worth mentioning the price of Sustandrol: if you decide to purchase it, you can save a little.

You do not need to buy a drug "in reserve", counting in advance that in the future you will be able to take high doses.

Reviews about Sustandrol

In our online store you can find many reviews about this drug. You can also share your experience of taking steroids, in particular Sustamed 250, if, of course, there is one. You can also leave your comment on the drug page or support a discussion about the drug.It was the reviews of experienced athletes that played the most important role in choosing the drug by many beginners.

You can learn more about Sustandrol, its effect on the athlete's body, the features of the training schedule and other useful information by reading the general review of the drug.

Price for Sustandrol 250

One of the many attractive qualities of Sustandrol 250 from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is its affordable price. All together: good quality, high efficiency and loyal pricing policy have provided this drug with great popularity. Sustandrol is bought by many to take in large quantities, since the price is not able to hit the athlete's budget much. However, do not forget that when taking the drug in large dosages, you are even more at risk of aromatization and those side effects that are directly related to it. When calculating all the costs for the course, do not forget also about the PCT, which must be completed.

Remember, good results are achieved not with increased dosages, but with a well-designed course.

Sustamed where to buy

If you still decide to buy Sustandrol, then you need to solve another problem: where to buy Sustandrol with a guarantee of originality? After all, it is not so easy to find it: it is unrealistic to find it in pharmacies (verified by personal experience). There is only one option left: online shopping. But even here everything is not so simple! The fact is that quite often many scammers use gullible customers for their own benefit, and deception can be everywhere: they can sell you a low-quality drug, a fake, a drug whose expiration date has expired, or in general – take money and not sell anything! Therefore, carefully check those who sell you sports pharmacology.

Consult with relatives, friends or acquaintances: what drugs they took and where they took them, read the forums, find additional information. The main thing – do not rush, take a closer look.

The number of our regular customers is growing, as everyone is attracted by reliability, good price, qualified managers – all that we provide. Therefore, if you decide to take this or that steroid – contact us, we can help you! We offer quality drugs at competitive prices, as well as delivery to any corner of the country.

Buying steroids here, you can be sure that the information received will remain confidential.


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