Anadrol course solo

Anadrol course solo




We offer you to buy a ready-made course Anapolon solo, or as we call this course – anapolon + stanozolol.

The course is offered at a 6% discount from the base cost of drugs. The price of the course also includes PCT and a detailed regimen for taking drugs.

The course of drugs is designed for 6 weeks of admission + PCT – 25 days.

You can download the scheme for the correct intake of the Anapolon + Stanozolol course by clicking the link – DOWNLOAD

How many drugs are included in the finished course Anapolon solo:

  • Anadrol – 50 tablets

  • Stanozolol – 50 tablets

  • Clomid – 25 tablets

  • All preparations are exclusively original, with the possibility of authentication on the official websites of manufacturers.

    Shelf life of drugs – with a margin – 3-4 years.

    What can be expected from the Anadrol Solo + Stanozolol course?

    • Rapid mass gathering. Subject to a high-calorie and high-protein diet, an increase in the course of Anapolon can be up to 12 kg.

    • Increase in strength indicators

    • Reducing fat deposits in the abdomen and sides

    • Stamina increase

    As you may have noticed, the Anapolon course, solo, is not really like that. The fact is that the Anapolon solo course is usually “fixed”. Otherwise, you will most likely “merge” from 50 to 15% of the dialed. In this case, we chose stanozolol as the drug that will “fix” the result that you achieve with the help of anadrol.

    How to take a course of Anapolon – Stanozolol

    The first two weeks are "introductory" we will take 1 tablet (50 mg.) Anadrol per day. Anapolon tablets should be taken after meals with plenty of water.

    Starting from the third week, we raise the dosage to 2 tablets per day, divided into two doses – morning-evening, the second dose after 8-9 hours.

    Try to take anadrol at the same time every day.

    Anadrol is taken for a total of 4 weeks.

    The next day, after we finished taking anadrol, stanozolol begins, which lasts for two weeks.

    The dosage of stanozolol is 40 mg. (four tablets) per day. Also divided into two doses morning-evening.

    Within 48 hours after taking the last stanozolol tablets, you should start post cycle therapy with Clomid.

    For the first 15 days of PCT, you will take 1 tablet once a day. For the next 10 days, take half a tablet.

    After finishing taking Clomid, you can purchase a testosterone booster and drink it according to the scheme recommended by the manufacturer.

    Give the body a break from the AS, at least a month, after this time you can conduct your next AS course.

    You can buy a ready-made course of Anapolon solo (Anapolon – Stanozolol) by placing an order in our Pharma online store. We guarantee the originality of drugs and loyal prices for the Anapolon – Stanozolol course.

    Pharma Yua store – time-tested quality!

    Author: Alexander Tykhy

    Expert in the application of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding. The trainer is a nutritionist. Author of articles on the use of steroids.

    From the author:

    I am for a reasonable and scientific approach to the use of steroids in sports.

    I have 15 years of personal, practical, experience in the use of anabolic steroids.

    Since 2014, my main activity has been individual consultations and the full conduct of AAS courses.

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