Anavar Adam Labs 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (Anavar Oxandrolone Adam)

Anavar Adam Labs 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (Anavar Oxandrolone Adam)




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Anavar, released to the Ukrainian market several years ago by ADAM Labs, uses oxandrolone as an active ingredient for anavar. In the modified version of dihydrotestosterone, the carbon atom in the second position was replaced by oxygen. ADAM Labs Oxandrolone, available in oral form, can be purchased for about thirty dollars. In terms of anabolic activity, it is four times more powerful than testosterone, and in terms of androgenic activity, it is five times inferior to it. The presence of gestagenic and estrogenic activity is not noted. Such properties make the drug one of the safest anbolic steroids. It works for about ten hours, and the effect occurs almost immediately after administration.

What gives the use of anavar

The drug Anavar Adam Labs, the price of which can in no way be classified as low, is very effective and safe. When used correctly:

  • strength indicators are noticeably improved, the level of endurance rises,

  • there is a transformation of body fat, allowing you to use the accumulated energy reserves for intensive training,

  • accelerated production of growth hormone

  • bones are strengthened

  • there are positive changes in the relief of the muscle mass, which acquires firmness and dryness, a distinct visibility.

Athletes use the drug to increase strength, as well as an additional tool for drying. It is also popular among athletes who specialize in running, cycling and rowing.

As advised by Anavar ADAM Labs

Both men and women can take the ADAM Labs Oxandrolone course. The duration of the course is usually set at six to eight weeks with a daily intake of no more than 80 mg. The drug is absorbed quickly, so you have to take it often, and the usual dose of 40-60 mg is usually divided into three to four doses. It is advisable for novice athletes to start with a dose of 20 mg, reaching the desired level within a week. Women should not take the drug more than a daily dose of 10-20 mg. However, experienced athletes may exceed this level.

Completing the course, restore the production of natural testosterone with tamoxifen.

Anavar's popularity is reflected in the many combinations in which it is used for various purposes. Important, that:

  • combination with drugs with high androgenic activity will avoid harmful side effects,

  • the dosage should be lowered to 40 mg, not higher,

  • combination with other oral preparations is undesirable.

Novice athletes, in order to increase strength, take a combination during a six-week course, including:

  • 50 mg oxandrolone daily,

  • 50 mg injectable stanozolol (every other day),

  • 20 mg tamoxifen daily for two weeks of post-cycle therapy.

Experienced athletes seeking to build muscle mass while improving its quality use a scheme that involves the use of:

  • daily – 50 mg anaverged,

  • weekly – 600 mg of boldenone and 300 mg of trenbolone enanthate,

  • from the first week and daily -50 mg of proviron,

  • from the second week daily – 500 IU of gonadotropin,

  • during a three-week post-cycle therapy – 40 mg of tamoxifen per day.

When choosing a specific combination, athletes take into account:

  • recommendations from a sports doctor,

  • goals that are sought to be achieved during the course,

  • own level of experience.

Potential for Unwanted Side Effects When Taking Anavar

When taking drugs orally, there is always a certain threat to liver health. When using anaverged, it should be noted that antidepressants, anticoagulants and hypoglycemic agents taken simultaneously with it will have an enhanced effect.

Athletes may experience undesirable manifestations, such as:

  • increased blood pressure,

  • headaches,

  • drop in libido

  • lost appetite,

  • peripheral edema.

Young people should beware:

  • acne,

  • slowing down (or even stopping) growth.

Women at the first sign of virilization are strongly advised to interrupt the course.

In general, it is noted that with a high effectiveness of the action on the body, the drug has a similar safety.


Frequently Asked Questions about Oxandrolone (Anavar) by ADAM Labs Where is the best price for Anavar (ADAM Labs)?

In our steroid store, you can buy Anavar produced by Adam Labs for 19 USD. All prices are presented at the current exchange rate in UAH.

Where to buy original Oxandrolone (Adam Labs) in Ukraine?

You can buy original Oxandrolone Adam Labs from us at the Pharma SA store.We sell only original drugs from trusted manufacturers, which can be checked for authenticity using a special code on the manufacturers' websites.

Is it possible to buy Anavar (ADAM Labs) cash on delivery / without prepayment

Yes, you can place an order for Anavar Adam Labs cash on delivery with payment on delivery. But we will ask you to make an advance payment of 200 UAH as a guarantee that you will pick up your order.

How to order Oxandrolone (ADAM Labs) with delivery in Ukraine?

You can place an order for oxandrolone Adam Labs, with delivery in Ukraine, to any city where there are branches of Nova Poshta. When placing an order, in the shopping cart, in the city field, start typing the first letters of your locality and the system will automatically substitute the city, select the number of the NP branch, and click place an order. Finished, the order went to work.

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