Clomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab, 60 tabs

Clomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab, 60 tabs




Buy Clomid from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

We offer you to buy high-quality and original Сlomed Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab at a good price in the Pharma UA online steroid store. The drug is protected from fakes by the presence of a verification code. Fast sending across Ukraine. Order today, before 15-00 and the goods will be delivered to you on the next business day.

Clomed (Clomed) – produced by the pharmacological plant Balkan Pharmaceuticals, (Clomiphenum) is a non-steroidal drug that includes the active ingredient "clomiphene citrate".

We sell exclusively original Clomid Balkan, which you can check for authenticity on the official website of the factory. After checking, you will be shown a message stating that you bought exactly the original Clomid preparation from the Balkans.

Available in the form of square tablets, 50 mg. active ingredient per 1 tablet. Usually you can buy clomed poblisterone – 20 tablets. Clomed price in Ukraine usually does not exceed 13-15 USD.

Clomed is a very popular drug in bodybuilding and other sports. The fact is that Clomed Balkan is used to restore its own hormonal levels after courses of steroids.

How to take Clomed Balkan?

If you used progestants in your course of steroids – nandrolones, trenbolones or anadrol, then Clomed is exactly what you need for post-cycle therapy. It does not increase the number of progesterone receptors, as Tamoxifen does. However, clomed is suitable for PCT, after any drug.

Clomed very well restores the level of its own testosterone, as it acts in the pituitary gland, blocking estrogen receptors, and forcing the pituitary gland to “give command” to increased testosterone production by the testicles.

Clomiphene citrate Balkan is not suitable for preventing estrogenic side effects in courses of strongly aromatizing steroids, as it selectively blocks estrogen receptors in the Pituitary gland, but in other tissues and organs it acts very weakly. So if you were planning to use clomed as an antiestrogen on the course, then I advise you to forget about it and use Anastrozole.

Reception of Clomid Balkan should begin no earlier than the steroid ceases to act in the body. For each drug, this period is different. If for tablet preparations, this period is usually equal to 24 hours, then for injectable forms of AS, which include esters, this period can vary from 3 days to 3 weeks.


The standard regimen for taking clomed looks like this:

  • Very heavy (long) course: – the first 3 days, 3 tablets per day. 12 days, 2 tablets per day. 15 days 1 tablet per day, and another 15 for half a tablet.

  • Heavy course: 15 days 2 tablets, 15 days 1 tab. and 15 days for half a tab.

  • Moderate course: 30 days, 1 tab / day. 15 days for half a tablet.

  • Easy course: 1 tab, 15 days, 15 days, half a tab, half a tablet is taken every other day.

  • After the first course on solo preparations: oxandrolone, turinabol, methandienone, stanozolol, primobolan: 15 days for 1 tablet, and another 15 for half.

You can order and buy Clomid produced in the Balkans at the lowest price in Ukraine.We sell exclusively original Clomed, which can be checked for authenticity on the Balkan Pharmaceuticals website.



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I am for a reasonable and scientific approach to the use of steroids in sports.

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