Drostanol SP Labs 200 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Drostanol Enanthate SP Labs)

Drostanol SP Labs 200 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Drostanol Enanthate SP Labs)




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SP Drostanol 200 – commercial name of drostanolone in the form of enanthate from the company SP Labs

Drostanol SP is used to effectively increase muscle mass and increase strength during long-term training. The drug does not retain fluid even with a long period of use. The new generation steroid is not characterized by estrogenic activity.

The active component of the SP Drostanol in vials is dostranolone enanthant. In other words, it is a derivative of the chemical origin of dihydrotestosterone in combination with enanthane ester. The drug has excellent androgenic activity and moderate anabolic power. The prolonged action of the steroid ensures its convenient use. The drug is effective for 2 weeks after injection.

How to take SP Drostanol

The recommended dosage per week for bodybuilders is 400 mg. Advanced athletes can increase the dosage up to 600-1000 mg in 7 days.

As a rule, the steroid is taken to give relief to the muscles during the drying period.However, to get the maximum effect, it is worth considering the amount of fat in the body – the ideal figures are 8-12%.

Steroid is taken:

  • Solo course. The program promotes smooth weight gain due to the synergistic features of the drug. Weight gain will be stable, but not massive. Ideal for bodybuilders who do not expect a rapid increase in muscle mass.
  • In the course with other anabolic agents. The combination of drugs depends on the goals pursued. For drying, Masteron enanthate SP is combined with Winstrol. With the program, the muscles acquire high strength. The combination of the drug with testosterone enanthate allows you to increase the mass in a short period and reduce the estrogenic effect.

The disintegration period of masteron enanthate is 7-8 days. However, it remains in the body for 3 months. That is why 4 months before the competition with the presence of doping control, you should stop taking the drug.

Training program

During the period of using steroid drugs, metabolic processes in the bodybuilder's body occur much more actively. Therefore, the training program is compiled taking into account the following features:

  • Under the influence of chemicals, muscles grow much more than ligaments, which can lead to injury. It is recommended to strengthen the ligamentous tissues as much as possible even before the start of the course.
  • A significant increase in endurance contributes to an increase in the productivity of classes: it is necessary to perform the maximum number of exercises and approaches.

The selection of exercises on the course is highly dependent on the goals.For beginners who are trying steroids for the first time, it is recommended to use a high-volume training regimen that will allow you to gain muscle mass and help increase strength. Experienced bodybuilders should give preference to intensive training.

How to eat while taking a course of drostanolone enanthate SP Labs

In the process of taking steroid drugs, the body's needs for a complete and plentiful diet increase significantly. The daily norm of protein can increase up to 3 g/kg. There is also an increasing need to increase the amount of fat to 1.5 g / kg and carbohydrates – 6-8 grams, respectively.

When compiling a diet on a course, it should be borne in mind that carbohydrates should be of a “long-term nature” (rice, potatoes, pearl barley, buckwheat and other cereals). The amount of unsaturated fats in the diet should be up to 80% (fish oil, Omega-3 preparation), the remaining percentages are saturated fats of animal origin.

The effect of taking SP Drostanol:

Due to its high efficiency, the drug is popular with athletes. Its SP Drostanol enanthate is used for:

  • intensive increase in muscle mass,
  • increase strength and endurance,
  • improve the functioning of joints and ligaments,
  • resumption of regenerative processes in the body, increasing their speed,
  • saturation of cells with oxygen,
  • increase the tone and resistance of the body.


Despite the fact that the steroid is a safe drug, post-cycle therapy is necessary. The use of an aromatase inhibitor will allow you to restore the natural production of testosterone, to establish metabolic processes in the athlete's body.

Side effects

Since Masteron Pharmacom in vials does not have estrogenic characteristics, the classic side effects such as fluid retention, increased pressure, gynecomastia are not characteristic of it. Thanks to the injectable form, the steroid is not toxic to the liver even with a long period of use. However, it suppresses the natural production of the male hormone testosterone.

Possible negative consequences:

  • the occurrence of acne
  • baldness or increased hairiness,
  • increased sweating.

Due to the high level of androgenic activity, the drug is not recommended for use in women. Those athletes who decide to use a new generation steroid are not recommended to exceed a dose of 50 mg per week.



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