Finasterida Balkan Pharmaceuticals 5 mgtab, 60 tabs, ( Finasteride Balkan)

Finasterida Balkan Pharmaceuticals 5 mgtab, 60 tabs, ( Finasteride Balkan)




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Finasteride is a non-steroidal drug that is used in medical practice and during steroid cycles. Finasteride in bodybuilding is used by many athletes in order to avoid hair loss. Passing courses of potent anabolic and androgenic drugs in many athletes, baldness may begin due to an increase in the concentration of dihydrotestosterone in the body. Testosterone tends to provoke male pattern baldness, and taking hormonal steroid drugs can only speed up this process.

A course of finasteride is prescribed in medical practice as a hormonal drug for patients with prostate tumors and male pattern baldness.

Action Finasteride Balkan Pharma

The active ingredient, which has the same name of the drug, refers to non-steroidal, non-toxic and non-narcotic substances – even with prolonged use of the drug at maximum dosages, it is not addictive. If we compare the effect of the drug finasteride before and after taking it, we can see that the hairline becomes denser. The price set for finasteride allows athletes to recover their hair without resorting to expensive procedures.

The effect of taking Finasteride Balkan Pharma

Apart from the direct appointment of the drug in medicine as an antitumor agent, the reviews of men left for the drug finasteride confirm its effectiveness in representatives of sports disciplines. The drug is used by athletes taking potent androgens to develop physical fitness. You need to know, the drug does NOT protect against the androgenic side effects of steroids, it has the following effects:

  • restoration of hairline even in men with severe baldness,
  • a decrease in the size of the prostate gland, which may increase due to the age of the man, it can also be caused by the use of potent hormonal drugs.

Athletes looking to buy finasteride do not need to take a doctor's prescription for the drug. As an auxiliary sports drug, you can buy finasteride completely legally in our online store of sports pharmacology.

How to take Finasterida Balkan Pharma

How long to take finasteride for each athlete must be calculated individually. The average optimal dosage of the drug is 5 mg of the active ingredient daily, regardless of food intake. After taking the drug quickly takes effect. Complete absorption is completed after 6-8 hours. The high bioavailability of the drug – about 80% excludes the possibility of such factors as the time of eating, the age of the athlete affecting the effectiveness of the intake.

As the instructions for the use of finasteride indicate, the drug must be taken for at least six months to restore the hairline.Therefore, many athletes are observed taking the drug during the course of steroids and after its completion.

Side effects

The positive effects of the drug allow you to ignore how much finasteride costs, like any other medication, this remedy should be taken with caution. Before use, you need to consult a doctor, otherwise unwanted reactions may occur in the form of:

  • decrease in libido, violation of ejaculation, decrease in its volume,
  • enlargement of the mammary glands with painful sensitivity,
  • a decrease in the concentration of prostate-specific antigen, which can mask the development of prostate cancer,
  • allergic reactions in the form of a rash, swelling of the lips or the entire face.


The high efficiency of the drug and the relatively affordable price of finasteride Ukraine make the drug one of the most popular for the treatment of baldness, but the drug is prohibited for athletes with the following diseases:

  • liver failure,
  • obstructive uropathy,
  • hypersensitivity to the active ingredient of the drug.

Women of childbearing age or pregnant women are strictly forbidden to take the drug, because of the risk of fetal defects – a male child provokes a violation of the formation of the genital organs. Due to the ability of the drug to penetrate the body through the skin, women are prohibited from picking up broken pills.


Athletes who are confused by the cost of finasteride can rest assured that its price fully justifies the effect. At the end of the course of taking to restore the natural level of testosterone, you do not need to take additional drugs – the concentration of testosterone normalizes naturally.During the course, it is necessary to connect the intake of Proviron. It is possible to raise testosterone on the course with the help of medications containing gonadotropin.




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