GD Trenoged A GD (Golden Dragon) 100 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (GD Trenoged A Golden Dragon Acetate)

GD Trenoged A GD (Golden Dragon) 100 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (GD Trenoged A Golden Dragon Acetate)




Buy Trenbolone Acetate from GD (Golden Dragon)

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Trenoged 75 (Trenoged 75) is a "short" trenbolone acetate, performed by one of the best manufacturers of sports pharmacology on the Ukrainian market – Europrime Pharmaceuticals.

Trinoged acetate includes 75 mg. active substance per 1 milliliter of oil solution.

Release form of Trenoged acetate – 10 ml bottles. In total, 1 bottle accounts for 750 mg. trenbolone acetate.

Trinoged 100 acetate Course

Trenbolone acetate is one of the most sought after steroids by professional bodybuilders and very advanced athletes.

It is on the tripod that bodybuilders prepare their “carcass” for performances on stage. And it is on the acetate tripod that they get that unrealistic clarity and rigidity of the muscles that you can all observe at competitions among professionals.

No steroid except Trinoged Acetate gives such an effect!

The use of acetate tripod for cutting allows you to maintain and even gain super high-quality muscle mass.

Trinoged 100 from EPF is not used solo.

In 99% of cases, trenbolone acetate EPF is used in conjunction with testosterone.

The use with testosterone allows you to enhance the effect of the drug in the body, reducing to zero the possibility of such a side effect as “trendik” (decrease in libido on the course of trenbolone)

Trenbolone Acetate from Golden Dragon (EPF) is a very powerful steroid.

Dosages for newbies trying it for the first time start at 50mg. in one day.

“Chemists” with experience will get excellent results with a dosage of 100 mg. in one day.

The standard scheme for drying usually looks like this:

Trenbolone acetate – 50-100 mg. in one day. Testosterone propionate 100-200 mg. in one day.

As you can see, they put 2 times more testosterone than tren. This is a common practice for building cycles based on trenbolones.

Trenoged (Trenbolone acetate EPF) properties

  • Burning fat, both on its own and by increasing the production of growth hormone

  • Suppression of catabolism

  • Powerful strength gain

  • Increases the production of IGF-1 in the body by 100%

  • Significant increase in muscle mass

Trinoged 100 pt, side effects

Trenbolone acetate from EPF, due to its short period of action, practically does not cause side effects. Side effects that can occur with improperly constructed courses:

  • Severe suppression of your own testosterone production (testicular atrophy)

  • Decreased libido during and after the course (Trendik)

  • Androgen-dependent side effects are rare, estrogen ones are always absent.

It is not recommended to use Trenoged 100 acetate in high dosages, as the risk of side effects increases. Always use trenbolone acetate with testosterones.

PCT after using trenbolone acetate EPF should consist of Clomid, a testosterone booster and a good vitamin complex.

Tamoxifen on post cycle therapy after tren can not be used.

If the course lasted more than six weeks, it is recommended to use gonadotropin 3 weeks before the end of the course.

If gonadotropin was not used on the course, then it should be included in the PCT.

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