GD Tri-Trenoged GD (Golden Dragon) 200 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (GD Tri-Trenoged Mix Golden Dragon)

GD Tri-Trenoged GD (Golden Dragon) 200 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (GD Tri-Trenoged Mix Golden Dragon)




Buy Trenbolone Mixes by GD (Golden Dragon)

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Tri-Trained, better known as Tritren, refers to composite preparations produced by Golden Dragon. You can buy it at a fairly high price. The special effect of the drug is provided by three esters of trenbolone: ​​acetate, hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and enanthate. Structurally, the trenbolone mix is ​​similar to Sustanon 250 (a combination of testosterones) and Nandrolone 250 (a combination of nandrolones). In terms of the strength of the anabolic effect, the drug is four times superior to testosterone, in terms of androgenic activity – twice. A long, powerful and evenly distributed effect of the trenbolone composition on the body is provided by:

  • almost instantly onset action of acetate, the activity of which will last up to three days,
  • further connection of enanthate, active from ten to fourteen days,
  • the final entry of hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, which remains active for two weeks.

How Tritren Golden Dragon, the price of which is quite consistent with the effectiveness, changes the body of an athlete

Taking Tri-Trainaged leads to significant positive changes:

  • visually noticeable increase in muscle mass,
  • rapid growth of indicators of physical strength,
  • increase endurance, contributing to high performance,
  • reduction of fat accumulation,
  • hardening of the muscles and their acquisition of impressive relief,
  • jump in libido and sexual activity,
  • an increase in the level of FMI,
  • drop in cortisol levels.

The anabolic power demonstrated by the drug ensures demand, first of all, from fans of bodybuilding and powerlifting. This advantage resulted in the appearance of numerous fakes, which forced the manufacturer to provide the packaging of the drug with special protection.

How to take Tri-Trenoged Golden Dragon

It is undesirable for novice athletes to take the Tritren Golden Dragon course, the drug is produced for experienced and trained athletes. Taking a six to eight week solo course is quite capable of providing good results. Due to the high androgenic index, women should not use the drug.

The weekly dosage, ranging from 200 mg to 500 mg, is divided into two doses, maintaining the desired concentration. With the high efficiency of the solo course, combinations of the trenbolone mix with various anabolic steroids are also very common. The most interesting combinations are:

with one of the long testosterone esters (cypionate or enanthate, or andropen / sustanon), allowing you to quickly build strength and gain decent muscle mass,

with stanozolol, which helps to deal with fat accumulation, dry muscle mass and counteracts progesterone,

with methandrostenolone.

The powerful effect of the drug led to the use of post-cycle therapy not only testosterone boosters. Starting from the second week and until the end of the course, take weekly 500 IU of Gonadotropin. Two weeks after the course, when the action of the active substances ceases, Clomid is taken in doses of 100 mg for the first five days, and 50 mg each for the next ten days. It is also possible to use Dostinex and Proviron.

Possibility of adverse effects

Few drugs can compare with the considered trenbolone mix in terms of anabolic activity. The downside is a fairly high probability of not harmless side effects, which increases sharply in case of exceeding dosages or excessively stretching the duration of the course.

What can threaten athletes who neglect the instructive instructions or who are careless about controlling their own condition? The most common adverse events are:

  • jumps in blood pressure,
  • drop in libido
  • acne,
  • baldness,
  • possibility of testicular atrophy.

Often athletes are alarmed by the redness of the urine, which raises suspicions about the health of the kidneys. In fact, staining is caused by metabolites excreted from the body in the urine.


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