Magnus , , (Magnil 1000 Gonadotropin Magnus)

Magnus , , (Magnil 1000 Gonadotropin Magnus)




Buy Gonadotropin (Gonadotropin) from Magnus

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General information:

Human choriogonadotropin (gonadotropin, HCG) is a non-androgenic or anabolic steroid – it is a natural protein hormone.

Description of the drug gonadotropin company Magnus

For those who plan to buy chorionic gonadotropin, it should be noted that the level of gonadotropin is based on feedback in the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes chain. Thus, GnRH is produced directly in the hypothalamus, favoring the production of gonadotropic hormone.

The active substance is produced in the pituitary gland, and in the normal state it has a stimulating effect on the functioning of the testicles, where, if it is deficient, their atrophy can develop.

Athletes who want to buy steroids in Ukraine need to know that the use of testosterone, anabolics help to inhibit the production of gonadotropin and gonadoliberin, as a result of which an atrophic process in the testicles can also develop. Many bodybuilders emphasize one of the properties of HCG – the ability to increase the production of the sex hormone (testosterone) by the testicles.

Gonadotropin can be used as one of the anabolic muscle-building drugs, as an aid to weight loss, and also as a component of PCT.However, according to some athletes, the use of gonadotropin to build muscle is not entirely justified. This is due to the fact that the use of HCG for anabolic purposes does not give a pronounced effect when compared with many anabolics.

In addition, as evidenced by pregnyl reviews, in order for the effect of the intake to be pronounced, use in higher doses is required, which can have a negative effect on the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicle axis.

However, in bodybuilding it is still sometimes used to build muscle, but most often used to prevent testicular atrophy. And it must be said for those who plan to buy rotten 5000 that in this case the use does not threaten with negative phenomena, because the dosages used are relatively low. Also, chorionic gonadotropin allows you to most effectively eliminate many side effects from taking anabolic steroids, and helps to avoid the rollback phenomenon.

Taking HCG can be very important if the course of steroids exceeds a month, and the drugs are used in high dosages. In this case, an athlete interested in chorionic gonadotropin price may not be afraid of disruption of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis, and most importantly, it helps to preserve the function of the testicles.

Not so long ago, scientists from the UK expressed an opinion about the ability of gonadotropin to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat. This property of the drug was explained by the fact that influencing the body, the active substance affects the hypothalamus, which leads to the consumption of adipose tissue. At the same time, muscle mass is preserved – from the effects of catabolic hormones.

Adherents of this hypothesis recommend using the drug at a dose of 125 mg per day.At the same time, you need to adhere to a special low-calorie diet, taking proteins and vitamin complexes in parallel.

Reception features:

Athletes who are interested in rotting the price of Kyiv should be aware that after an intramuscular injection, the active substance enters the blood rather quickly. The half-life is from 6 to 8 hours, but the effect of one injection can last for 5-6 days.

For inexperienced athletes, it should be noted that the drug is presented in the form of a powder, which dissolves easily in solution. The resulting mixture must be administered intramuscularly. If all the liquid has not been used up at one time, the remains can be placed in the cold. The powder must be stored at a temperature of 25 degrees, in a dark place.

If an athlete is interested in pre-rotten price to obtain an anabolic effect, then the volume of the average dosage is 5000 IU per week. The duration of action of the active substance in the body allows you to administer the drug once every 7 days.

The dose size for PCT varies depending on the drugs used in the steroid cycle. If the duration of the course is more than 4 weeks, the 2nd drug is used in a relatively small amount, then there is no urgent need for HCG administration.

However, if an athlete plans to order steroids of two or more types for the course, will use higher dosages, and the duration of the course will be more than 4 weeks, then you need to administer gonadotropin 2 times a week at a dose of 500-1000 IU.

Side effects:

The negative effects in the case of using HCG are similar to those that can occur when taking a cycle with testosterone. Taking HCG in high doses for a long time is fraught with inhibition of the production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.


Author: Alexander Tykhy

Expert in the application of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding.The trainer is a nutritionist. Author of articles on the use of steroids.

From the author:

I am for a reasonable and scientific approach to the use of steroids in sports.

I have 15 years of personal, practical, experience in the use of anabolic steroids.

Since 2014, my main activity has been individual consultations and the full conduct of AAS courses.

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