MAST-100 Allchem ​​Asia 100 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (MAST-100 Propionate Alchem ​​Asia)

MAST-100 Allchem ​​Asia 100 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (MAST-100 Propionate Alchem ​​Asia)




Buy Drostanolone propionate from Allchem ​​Asia

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Under the brand name MAST 100 (drostanolone propionate), sports pharmacology manufacturer Allchem ​​Asia produces the anabolic androgenic steroid drostanolone. Due to the use of propionate as the ester, an exceptionally fast action of the drug is achieved. The anabolic effect is regarded as moderate and even low, but the androgenic effect is regarded as high. At the same time, the anabolic-androgenic index should be recognized as unique for steroids – 62:25.

Therefore, MAST 100 Allchem ​​Asia is not suitable for use in bulking courses. The drug has become widespread not only in bodybuilding, where it is used in drying courses to maintain muscle mass and strength indicators. Drostanolone propionate is in great demand in athletics and various martial arts. With the help of the drug, athletes manage to increase endurance and strength, while remaining within a certain weight category (or maintaining optimal weight). There was a certain period in the history of women's athletics, when all the leading middle runners could not do without this drug.

What action is expected from drostanolone propiont Alchem ​​Asia

The drug is not prone to aromatization, that is, it is not converted into estrogens. Moreover, drostanolone propionate has some inhibitory effect on aromatization, acting as a kind of aromatase inhibitor. The interest of fans of power sports disciplines in the drug is explained by the fact that:

  • it does not cause fluid retention, so the post-course rollback phenomenon can be avoided. Such a side effect of anabolic androgenic steroids as gynecomastia, which is undesirable for male athletes, will also not develop.
  • a diuretic effect appears, moderate enough to be tolerated. But it contributes to the acquisition of an excellent definition of muscles, the formation of relief,
  • non-toxic to the liver
  • does not cause hypertension
  • catabolic processes are suppressed, which allows you to successfully maintain what has been achieved on the course. Therefore, the drug has successfully spread among fitness fans, as it allows you to lose weight using a special diet,
  • the musculature becomes stiff, dense and elastic, so the British Dragon Masteron is successfully used on the eve of performances in competitions,
  • the fat-burning effect that occurs due to the low anabolic index is triggered. Athletes note that during the course the volume of fat accumulation is reduced by 5-7%, which is considered a very worthy result,
  • strength indicators significantly increase with the same body weight,
  • the drug is rapidly eliminated from the body without being detected by doping testing within a couple of weeks after the end of administration.

The drug allows you to maintain shape and improve the achieved performance for athletes who have accumulated sufficient muscle mass for themselves. They become more enduring and stronger, eliminating excess fat accumulation and giving the muscles a more expressive relief and density.

How it is recommended to take MAST 100 (drostanolone propionate) and carry out rehabilitation therapy

The drug is used on a monocourse for drying. It is not customary to raise the weekly dosage above 400-500 mg, since the effectiveness of the application will increase slightly, but the likelihood of side effects will increase significantly. Injections are performed every other day (or three times a week), given the short duration of action of drostanolone propionate. The duration of the course can vary in a fairly wide range – from six to twelve weeks. Rehabilitation therapy involves the use of tamoxifen as the main component. In the course of the course, it is taken at 20 mg daily. And upon its completion in the first week, the dosage is doubled. On a solo course, this will be enough.

The specificity of the influence of drostanolon propionate Allchem ​​Asia, the price of which is quite high, led to its use, as a rule, in combined steroid courses. Beginning bodybuilding fans are advised to try the combination with testosterone propionate. The course lasts eight weeks, during which both anabolic androgenic steroids are administered every other day at a dosage of 100 mg. A three-week post-cycle therapy is carried out using 30 mg of tamoxifen daily, preferably in combination with tribulus.

More experienced athletes who prefer drostanolone Propionate Alchem ​​Asia to buy in a trusted online store of sports pharmacology, the drug is used as an aid in the classic combined course for bodybuilding. For seven weeks, Sustanon 250 composite preparation, a mixture of four testosterone esters, is combined with nandrolone decanoate. The combination of weekly dosages is 500 mg to 250 mg. In the eighth week, the last one, the deck is eliminated, and the dosage of sustanon is halved. All this time, drostanolone propionate is given every three days at 100 mg, eliminating the aromatization property inherent in testosterone. Such a combined course of anabolic androgenic steroids allows you to gain rigid and elastic muscles.

The use of mast 100 Allchem ​​Asia has become widespread in Kyiv in order to improve speed-strength data. On an eight-week course, testosterone propionate and drostanolone propionate are given every other day, alternately, 100 mg each. In combination with them, 30 mg of turinabol are taken daily.

Common combinations with:

  • boldenone (equipoise),
  • trenbolones.

The androgenic activity of the drug has led to the popularity of its combinations with:

  • anavar,
  • winstrol.

Such combinations make it possible to reduce the level of sex hormone-binding globulin, which leads to a pronounced synergistic effect during drying courses.

What side effects can occur when taking drostanolone propionate

High androgenic activity of the drug can lead to corresponding side effects. Therefore, women use drostanolone propionate in a dosage not exceeding 25 mg, which is given every three days.A higher level quickly leads to the development of irreversible manifestations of virilization, the most noticeable of which is the coarsening of the voice.

Men who have inherited a genetic predisposition are threatened by side effects such as:

  • acne,
  • alopecia.

Perhaps the development of prostatic hypertrophy. As for the increase in aggressiveness, this property is not always regarded in sports as undesirable.


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