Pharmacom labs , , (PharmaTest PH 100 Phenylpropionate by Pharmacom)

Pharmacom labs , , (PharmaTest PH 100 Phenylpropionate by Pharmacom)




Buy Testosterone Phenylpropionate from Pharmacom labs

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Among athletes, preparations based on the male hormone are especially popular. Now we will talk about one of them – PharmaTest PH 100, the ampoules of which contain 100 milligrams per milliliter of the active ingredient (Testosterone Phenylpropionate). This substance is completely similar in its properties to the endogenous hormone, except for the half-life. It was to increase it that the esterification process was carried out. Most often, athletes use PharmaTest PH 100 during the drying period and to increase power parameters.

Properties and effects of PharmaTest-PH

Testosterone Phenylpropionate Farmak is able to work for five days, which indicates the possibility of giving injections quite rarely. In addition to increasing strength indicators, the steroid contributes to a set of quality mass, and also increases the concentration of insulin-like growth factor. Do not forget about the strengthening of bone and connective tissues. This is important enough for strength athletes.

However, there were some negative aspects as well. Testosterone is prone to aromatization, which can lead to the development of related side effects, such as gynecomastia.To eliminate these effects, an aromatase inhibitor must be introduced into the course. Androgenic negative properties are quite rare and the risks of their development are largely related to genetics. You can buy testosterone Phenylpropionate, the price is low, in our online pharmacy of sports pharmacology.

Rules for the use and dosage of PharmaTest-PH

The frequency of administration of the steroid is twice a week. At the same time, the recommended dosages for this time interval are 250-500 milligrams. The duration of cycles involving this steroid is six to eight weeks. Anabolic proved to be excellent both solo and as part of combined courses. In the second case, you can use all AAS without restrictions. If Testosterone Phenylpropionate is used for drying, then Stanozolol, Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan will be the best choice. Also, with the help of this drug, you can improve the quality of the gaining mass. Most often, builders use Nandrolone Decanoate, Trenbolones, Methandienone to solve this problem.


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