Primobol 50mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab, 30 tabs

Primobol 50mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab, 30 tabs




Buy Primobol (Oral primobolan) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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You can read the full description of the active substance, find out the prices and buy Oral Primobolan from other manufacturers by going to the Primobol Oral category.

Primobolan – most often you can hear the following names: prima, primobol, primaver, primobolan, pharmaprim, primabolic, primoged, but the active substance is methenolone everywhere, just the trade names are different.

Methenolone is an anabolic steroid with a strong anabolic activity and a weak androgenic activity, methenolone is often compared with the action of masteron, indeed they are similar in action and both are part of dehydrosterone.

Primobolan Depot was used in medicine, this anabolic helped people who suffer from loss of appetite, disturbed hormonal balance in the body, it helped to heal wounds faster and helps to recover after undergoing major operations, or after significant burns, since steroids are the best and fastest restorer of the body .

Primobolan exists in several forms, in injections you can most often find a long ester (enanthate) that is in the blood for 2-3 weeks, but acetate can also be found, but it is more rare and stays in the body for 2-3 days.There is also Primobolan in tablets, it has a short period of action in the body of about 5-8 hours, and the elimination half-life is about 6-19 hours in tablets, and in injections 3-8 days, but its main advantage is that it does not create negative effects on the liver, as do other anabolic steroid drugs in tablets.

Primabolan is one of the very mild steroids, and the dosage of Primobolan should be several times greater than the same deck or testosterone. Manufacturers of pharmacological drugs created methenolone in order to get a good anabolic effect while avoiding side effects, and to some extent they did it really well.

Due to this, Primobolan does not aromatize in the body, and does not create a toxic effect on the liver, while creating a good anabolic effect, why is this not a godsend for many, due to its positive qualities, Primobolan is one of the most expensive drugs and for good reason, because on You can't save your health, it's priceless.

If we compare primobolan with such heavy artillery as deca or testosterone, then primobolan turns out to be a very harmless drug against their background, which makes it an indispensable drug for the first course, in order to preserve health as much as possible with the fastest possible result.

You can buy Primobolan Ukraine in our online store, we will be happy to help you choose a good course, you can seek help from a consultant on our website and you will receive qualified assistance in choosing a steroid course.

The price of Primobolan in our store is the most affordable than in others, we try to make the most affordable prices for you as far as the manufacturer of the drug allows.

Our store has a huge selection of Primobolan:

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  • Action and effect of primobolan

    • Accelerates the synthesis of protein structures
    • Increases strength
    • Helps burn belly fat more efficiently
    • Promotes rapid and high-quality growth of muscle mass
    • Increases stamina
    • Increases appetite

    Side effects and contraindications of Primobolan

    Any drug has side effects, although prima is a very mild drug, it can sometimes show such side effects:

    • Increasing aggression
    • Strong excitability
    • May contribute to insomnia
    • Baldness
    • Rise in blood pressure

    Primobolan course

    Prima is great for both gaining lean muscle mass and for drying.

    The first course can be done on Primobolan solo, we put Primobolan at a dosage of 300 mg per week for 8 weeks, during which time you can get excellent progress in weight gain if you are new.

    For the second course, we combine Primobolan 300 mg per week with testosterone enanthate 400 mg per week, we do the course for 8-10 weeks, during this period the mass and strength will grow well.

    For the third course, we take 400 mg of primobolan per week + 500 mg of testosterone enanthate per week + 50 mg of methandrostenolone per day, this will be an excellent course for a quick set of muscle mass.

    The course for hardcore lovers consists of primobolan 500mg per week + trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week + anadrol 50mg per day + sustanon 750mg per week, a course of 10 weeks, on this course you can "swell up" pretty well, quite normal phenomena will be a set of 10 -15kg from one such course.

    Primobolan pct

    Still, prima, like any steroid drug, although to a lesser extent, is still able to suppress the production of its own testosterone.

    After the course, we take an anti-estrogen, which one you prefer, you can take Clomid or Tamoxifen, and determine the dosage starting from the minimum, Clomid – 50 mg per day, Tamoxifen 10 mg per day and take about a month or two.

    Sports nutrition will not be superfluous, complex amino acids in conjunction with protein can prove themselves well, add tribulus, good vitamins, ZMA, pay great attention to healthy eating, reduce training in the gym by about half, and rest more, and sleep at least eight nights hours.


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