Primobol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (Primobol Primobolan Balkan)

Primobol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (Primobol Primobolan Balkan)




Buy Primobolan (Primobolan depot) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Primobol (Primobol) – the market name of the injectable drug produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the active ingredient of which is methenolone enanthate.

Primobolan Balkan Pharma is available in two forms:

  • Injection – 1 ml ampoules. active ingredient in one ampoule 100 mg., and more recently prima Balkan, also available in vials
  • oral (tabletted) – in 1 tablet 50 mg.

Primobolan from the Balkans can be called an “elite steroid”. This is directly indicated by the price of Primobolan. Primobol is one of the most expensive steroids not only in Ukraine but also in the world.

Primobol is the optimal steroid for beginners, since it is practically harmless, and, at the same time, very effective. The drug is very popular among athletes, as it is used in drying cycles, as well as when leaving heavy cycles. Primobol does not contribute to the accumulation of water in the body, so the rollback after the end of the course is minimal.

The active ingredient of the drug – methenolone enanthate – was developed in the 1960s by German scientists.At that time, Germany was actively engaged in the development of such drugs to show excellent results in sports. Since everything created by the Germans is “for centuries”, then Primobol did not become an exception to this rule and still occupies a leading position in terms of demand and efficiency. This may seem strange to you, since today pharmacology (including sports) is very different from the level of pharmacology of the 60s of the last century, and pharmacists can develop new drugs that would act much more effectively. But Primobol turned out to be indispensable in this regard, since it does not aromatize, therefore it does not entail various side effects associated with this process, which means that not only men, but also women can take it.

Application features

Methenolone enanthate is a modified dihydrotestosterone that has an optimal ratio of anabolic and androgenic index for obtaining high-quality muscle mass. Primobol is available in injectable form, so the drug is practically non-hepatoxic. Many people compare the effect of using Primobol with the effect of Nandrolone, but it should be noted that Primobol does not work for so long. After injection, the drug remains active in the body for two weeks, after which it can be detected in the blood for 5 weeks.

The effects of Primobol injections on the human body have been well studied. In order to achieve the best result, you need to take Primobol for a long time, because the drug acts slowly, but the muscles that the athlete acquires are of very high quality.

Primobol side effects

In the instructions for Primobol and on our forum you can find a detailed description of the side effects provoked by Primobol. Side effects occur very rarely, while they are very mild, if you follow a moderate dosage. The most common side effects are a decrease in the synthesis of endogenous testosterone, mental excitability and aggressiveness, and sleep disturbances. Taking Primoblol in reasonable dosages, you will not get testicular atrophy, baldness or gynecomastia as side effects. Women can also safely take this drug, since with proper use it does not cause either masculinization or virilization.

Primobol: price

The price of Primobol in injectable form is quite democratic, however, the price-quality ratio will please you very much. The drug can afford to buy many athletes.

Primobol is popular with experienced athletes who take it as an auxiliary substance when leaving heavy and long steroid cycles.

Another advantage of Primobol in injections is that it does not provoke an increase in blood pressure, unlike most anabolics, so people suffering from hypertension can safely take it without fear of serious consequences. Perhaps the only contraindication to the use of the drug is the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Primobol course:

The solo course of the drug lasts about 8-12 weeks, which is quite a long time. However, during the course it is not necessary to inject very often, since the drug has a long period of action. One injection per week will suffice.Men who have not yet taken this drug are advised to take Primobol at a dosage of 200 to 400 mg per week, although of course, ideally, everyone should choose their own dosage based on their individual characteristics, preferably after consulting with doctors.

Taking Primobol in dosages that exceed the above will not give you a higher increase in muscle mass, but will increase the risk of side effects.

Women are advised to take the drug in dosages of 50 to 100 mg per week. Pregnancy cannot be planned for the duration of the course, this is perhaps the only restriction. For women, the recommended duration of the course is 7-8 weeks, but no longer.

Primobol can be taken both solo and in combination with other drugs (for example, with testosterone esters). If you use combined courses, then the dosage of Primobol is better to be halved. Ligaments with other drugs can improve the quality and quantity of gained kilograms of muscle mass.

On the course of Primobol, it is not necessary to take antiestrogen without fail, however, the use of PCT is recommended in order to restore the production of natural testosterone. Together with intense training and a sports diet, an athlete can build up to 7-8 kg of high quality muscle mass.

Reviews from Primobole Balkan

Throughout the history of the existence of this drug, a huge number of positive reviews have been expressed. Already at the beginning of its existence, the drug gained many fans. The drug is characterized as an excellent starter drug for those who have never taken steroids and whose receptors have not lost sensitivity to weaker drugs.It is used by both amateurs and novice professional athletes.

You can also find reviews about Primobol from the Balkans on our forum. both beginners and experienced athletes share their impressions here. Basically, everyone talks about the safety of this drug. Primobol is not prone to aromatization, which is confirmed by both men and women. This is a very important factor when choosing a drug, as many people want to find the "perfect" steroid that would give excellent results, and at the same time, a minimum of side effects. Since many side effects when taking steroids are associated precisely with their tendency to aromatize, Primobol is, in a sense, indeed an “ideal” choice. However, the drug is safe only if the correct dosage is observed.

At the Forum you are expected not only by reviews of other athletes. Here you can also participate in interesting discussions of drugs, get free advice from administrators or even help with your personal course. If you have experience with steroid use, feel free to share it with us.

If you yourself decide to wander through various sites and see reviews about Primobol, then you probably noticed that most of the reviews are positive. Taking this drug you will get a 100% increase in quality muscle mass. The gained mass will not go away after the end of the course.

Primobol where to buy

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