Propandrol 10ml Balkan Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Propandrol 10 ml Balkan Propionate)

Propandrol 10ml Balkan Pharmaceuticals 100 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Propandrol 10 ml Balkan Propionate)




Buy Testosterone Propionate from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Propandrol is available for purchase in 1 ml ampoules

Propandrol 10ml (former trade name Testosterone P testosterone propionate) is a well-known and sought-after steroid drug from the manufacturer of the Balkans. It is widely used by athletes to increase strength and build quality and relief muscles. This drug is available in the form of injections, the active chemical is testosterone R.

The main advantage of this steroid is the duration of action: when it enters the human body, it begins to act immediately. Also, its effectiveness lies in the fact that the drug does not provoke the accumulation of fluid, therefore, the increase in muscle mass gained during the course will be of better quality and the "rollback" phenomenon will not occur. Testosterone propionate combines all the best qualities from two testosterone esters. Due to the large androgenic index, already after the first week, positive results are noticeable in increasing weight gain, physical performance and increased appetite.It should be noted that Balkan propionate reviews indicate an increase in the desire for training, an increase in energy reserves, as well as an improvement in the well-being and health of the athlete.

What properties are inherent in this steroid

Testosterone propionate of the Balkans is recommended for athletes to buy and use due to its effective effect on the athlete's body. The advantages of its use:

  • helps to minimize the period of time for a set of high-quality muscle mass,
  • has fat-burning properties, which allows you to acquire a beautiful relief of muscles and the manifestation of venousness,
  • relieves pressure from ligaments and joints,
  • a noticeable increase in strength indicators,
  • increased sexual activity,
  • painless injections,
  • minimum half-life of propionate,
  • recommended for recuperation after exhausting workouts,
  • reduces the load on the cardiovascular system,
  • raising the emotional state,
  • a mild phenomenon of "rollback" at the end of the drug.

Many athletes can buy Balkan propionate in Ukraine. The drug is used to minimize the likelihood of coronary disease and cardiac ischemia, to enhance muscle hyperplasia and accelerate recovery in their tissues, to increase insulin-like growth factor in the liver and muscles, to increase the concentration of nitrogen in muscle tissues. The great advantage of this steroid is that the ether does not accumulate water in the body. For many athletes, this property is especially attractive, due to the removal of fluid, “drying” occurs and the fat layer decreases.

Are there side effects from taking this drug?

This steroid is included in a number of safe anabolics.With the right course and not abusing the recommended doses, the risk of unwanted side effects is minimal. During the course, redness, pain and itching may appear at the injection site. Undesirable side reactions are expressed in the appearance of acne, excessive baldness, or vice versa, increased body hair growth, gynecomastia and irritability. The production of own testosterone decreases, but after the completion of the course, the former level of hormones is restored in a few months.

Testosterone propionate is strictly prohibited for women and teenagers. Other athletes should take this steroid in therapeutic doses to reduce the risk of adverse reactions. At the end of the course, it is necessary to undergo a PCT, normalize the load, adhere to a balanced diet and the correct daily routine. For recovery, it is desirable to include vitamins, proteins and cortisol blockers in the course of PCT.

Features of taking Testosterone Propionate Balkan

A sports doctor or trainer prescribes a testosterone propionate Balkan course based on the individual and physical capabilities of the athlete, taking into account weight, age, and goals.

Novice athletes can start taking the drug with 50 mg one injection in two days. Experienced athletes can inject 100 mg daily. It is desirable to include drugs that prevent the formation of estrogens, such as Clomid, in the course.

To enhance the results, there are combined courses:

  • Testosterone Propionate 50-100 mg every day or every other day + Methandrostalone 30-40 mg per day give excellent weight gain.
  • Testosterone Propionate + Stanozolol.In proportions of 2:1 for 4-6 weeks, it will allow you to gain lean muscles and increase strength.
  • Testosterone propionate 50mg daily + Turinabol 60-70mg daily gives an increase in lean and lean muscle mass.
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