Sindoxil 10ml Adam Labs 250 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Sustanon Adam)

Sindoxil 10ml Adam Labs 250 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Sustanon Adam)




Buy Sustanon 250 from Adam Labs

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Sustanon 250 Adam Labs is a drug developed by pharmacologists and produced in Europe. It is a complete analogue of Sustanon and also acts quickly and effectively. It contains components that begin to work almost immediately after ingestion and provide a lasting effect as a result of regular use. It is very easy to buy Syndoxil (Sustanon 250) in Ukraine, as it has an affordable price and is widely used by both amateur athletes and professional bodybuilders.

Pharmacological properties and benefits

The drug is an injectable steroid, which contains four types of testosterone with different speeds of action. The first after the introduction into the body turns on propionate, which works within an hour after the introduction, as well as phenylpropionate, picking up the "baton". Isocaproate is next in action and then decanoate, which lasts from 15 to 30 days. This feature of the drug allows you to keep an even level of testosterone in the blood, preventing hormonal imbalance.

Buy Sindoksil (Sustanon 250) Adam Labs is because it has many advantages over anabolic drugs, which contain only one type of testosterone. Among others:

  • fast weight gain along with muscle mass,
  • increase in strength and endurance, which is an important point for an athlete,
  • various types of testosterone fully saturate the body,
  • good compatibility with other drugs,
  • minimal risk of side effects.

If you buy Syndoxil in Kyiv, you can not only save a lot on purchasing the product, but also be sure that this is the original with instructions inside and a detailed description of the effect on the man's body.

How to take the drug and what it is combined with

The versatility of the product allows you to combine it with drugs such as Deca, Boldenone, Prima and others. Sustanon 250 should be both taken and bought based on the required dosage so as not to oversaturate the body with testosterone. It is available in 1 ml ampoules or 10 ml bottles. For beginners, monotherapy is usually sufficient, although many confidently use Sustanon with other anabolics. A dosage of 300-400 ml is enough to get the desired effect, but it is recommended to reduce it to 200-500 mg if a course of additional drugs is planned.

The frequency of use of the remedy is 1 time per week in a course, however, professional athletes note that such a dosage is not enough for them. Syndoxil, the course of which is 6-8 weeks, gives noticeable results if the drug is used at least 2 times within 7 days. This technique allows you to avoid hormonal pits and makes it possible to maintain testosterone at the required level.

At the end of the last week, Tamoxifen is recommended, as well as drugs that are aromatase inhibitors and do not allow the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. To maintain hormonal balance, Exemestane, Anastrozole and other similar drugs have proven themselves well.

Side effects

Syndoxil, reviews of which are very positive, has a number of side effects, like any steroid drug. Many athletes note that it is very well tolerated and allows you to achieve your goal, however, it can cause swelling. The fact is that due to the combination of hormones in the body, water can be retained, however, this is a temporary phenomenon, and the body will soon adapt to taking the drug.

The price of Sustanon Adam Labs is affordable. It does not harm the body if you do not exceed the recommended dosage. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the transformation of excess testosterone into estrogen and/or dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In the first case, female-type obesity (buttocks, thighs) is possible, as well as gynecomastia (breast enlargement) and the appearance of cellulite. In the case of increased formation of DHT, a man is faced with baldness, an increase in body hair, increased greasiness of the skin and prostate adenoma. It is also possible to reduce libido and nervousness, so you need to be careful about choosing the dosage of the drug.

The price of Syndoxil in Ukraine may vary. Therefore, it is most advantageous to order it through the site. Here are true reviews that will help a beginner in choosing a drug.


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