STAN-10 Allchem ​​Asia 10 mg tab, 100 tab, (STAN-10 Stanozolol Alchem ​​Asia)

STAN-10 Allchem ​​Asia 10 mg tab, 100 tab, (STAN-10 Stanozolol Alchem ​​Asia)




Buy Stanozolol from Allchem ​​Asia

We offer you to buy high-quality and original STAN-10 Allchem ​​Asia 10 mg tab at a good price in the online store of steroids Pharma UA. The drug is protected from fakes by the presence of a verification code. Fast sending across Ukraine. Order today, before 15-00 and the goods will be delivered to you on the next business day.

You can read the full description of the active ingredient, find out prices and buy stanozolol in tablets from other manufacturers by going to the category "stanozolol"

STAN 10 from the Alchem ​​Asia company, very high quality and raw materials for the manufacture of the drug are used only with the best degree of purification, the drug is produced in blisters, in one blister there are 25 tablets of 10 mg of the active ingredient in each tablet, it is sold in 4 blisters.

This drug is able to help you lose weight while gaining happy good muscles.

It has properties that will help you increase your strength performance with a minimal set of muscle mass, because this is very important when you are trying to lift as much weight as possible, with a minimum increase in your own mass.

It is poorly suited for solo courses, since it is to some extent one of the light preparations from which you cannot get large gains in mass, but even after the course you will not drain most of the muscle mass, due to the fact that it does not retain excess fluid in the body.

It is most often used for drying in bodybuilding, or other sports categories, where you need to show a decent physical shape, without fat and water, so that each muscle group is drawn as much as possible and you are venous and filled, the stanover will help you very well.

Stanover is good in that there are no such side effects as gynecomastia from it, but it is a rather toxic drug, and in choosing the dosage of the drug you must be very careful not to create an unnecessary burden on the body, organs, and hormonal system after each course spend PCT, using hepato-protectors and sports nutrition here will be more than ever useful.

Stanozolol from Alchem ​​Asia what it has useful properties for an athlete:

It accelerates muscle mass gain very well, protein utilization by the body increases, strength indicators increase very well, recovery after training occurs much faster, appetite increases, fluid excretion from the body increases, it helps to burn fat faster, GHG decreases due to this, the effectiveness of the course increases.

But unfortunately this excellent drug also has side effects such as:

Own testosterone almost completely ceases to be produced, joints begin to hurt, possibly acne, the load on the liver increases, the heart rate increases, pressure may decrease.

Most often, side effects from this drug appear very rarely, or they do not exist at all.

Stan 10 how to take

At the initial stage, stanozolol is used starting from 30 mg per day, and the dosage of the drug is gradually increased.

For people who have completed several courses of stanozolol, and who no longer take the drug at a lower dosage, they are advised to increase the dosage starting from 50 to 100 mg per day.

You can combine the drug with any steroids in injections, but we categorically do not recommend combining it with other anabolics in tablets, because the load on the liver will greatly increase.

STAN 10 buy Ukraine

Buying Stanozolol in Kyiv or in other cities of Ukraine is very simple, in order to purchase this drug, you need to place an order on our website, select the desired amount of the drug and fill in the data for which we can send you your order, after filling in all the data, pay for the goods you order and we will dispatch it as soon as possible.

Our store sells only high-quality and original products, we directly cooperate with many leading pharmaceutical companies, and we take anabolic steroids directly from the manufacturer, without the participation of outsiders.


Frequently asked questions about Stanozolol from Allcem Asia Where is the best price for Stanozolol (Allcem Asia)?

In our steroid store you can buy Stanozolol produced by Allcem Asia for 5.5 USD. All prices are presented at the current exchange rate in UAH.

Where to buy original Stanozolol (Allcem Asia) in Ukraine?

You can buy the original Allcem Asia Stanozolol from us at the Pharma SA store. We sell only original drugs from trusted manufacturers, which can be checked for authenticity using a special code on the manufacturers' websites.

Is it possible to buy STAN-10 (Allcem Asia) cash on delivery / without prepayment

Yes, you can place an order for Stanozolol Allcem Asia cash on delivery with payment upon receipt. But we will ask you to make an advance payment of 200 UAH as a guarantee that you will pick up your order.

How to order Stanozolol (Alchem ​​Asia) with delivery in Ukraine?

You can place an order for Allcem Asia stanozolol, with delivery in Ukraine, to any city where there are branches of Nova Poshta. When placing an order, in the shopping cart, in the city field, start typing the first letters of your locality and the system will automatically substitute the city, select the number of the NP branch, and click place an order. Finished, the order went to work.

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