Strombafort Balkan Pharmaceuticals 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (Strombafort Stanozolol Balkan)

Strombafort Balkan Pharmaceuticals 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (Strombafort Stanozolol Balkan)




Buy Stanozolol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Strombafort 10 mg. – the trade name of the drug from the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals, containing the active ingredient – Stanozolol

Buying Strombafort you get 100 or 25 tablets in original blisters of 25 tablets. One tablet contains 10 mg of the active substance stanozolol.

Stanozolol from the Balkans – the most popular steroid in Ukraine containing the active ingredient stanozolol.

Interestingly, due to the rather weak ability to grow muscle mass,

strombafort, has gained popularity among bodybuilders relatively recently. In bodybuilding, his other qualities are highly valued, which will be described below.

The most widely used strombafort found in the process of training athletes, boxers, swimmers. Exactly where you need an extreme increase in speed – strength indicators without a significant increase in body weight.

A particularly indicative case of the widespread use of the active ingredient strombafort in the athletics community is the deprivation, for the use of doping – stanozolol, of the famous athlete – sprinter Ben Johnston, Olympic Gold won by him in Seoul in 1988.

As Johnson later recalls: “If you don’t swallow it, you won’t be able to win,” the coach told him in 1981, and it was about stanozolol.


Strombafort – in bodybuilding slang – "Stromba Balkan", the undisputed leader in the composition of courses for "drying".

On such courses strombafort, most often combined with the "short-lived" testosterone propiotate.

In addition, Strombafort is taken to lower the level of SHBG, (a protein that binds testosterone in the body and leaves most of it in an inactive state), thus increasing the bio-availability of free testosterone in the body.

Note that in competitive bodybuilding, the more popular injectable form of this drug, produced under various commercial names.

You can often hear how strombafort is called winstrol from the Balkans, but this will not be entirely correct.

Winstrol – the name that has become a household name for all stanozolol injectables.

It was under the commercial name Winstrol that injectable stazololol was first marketed in 1962 in Australia as a veterinary drug. And later he successfully “migrated” to the “arsenals” of bodybuilders and representatives of other sports disciplines.

Strombafort – a drug that has a pronounced anabolic activity equal to 320% of testosterone, and extremely low androgenic activity.

This means that the "stromba" is not aromatized, i.e., it is not converted into estrogens and side effects, in the form of gynecomastia and swelling, do not threaten you.

Strombafort how to take

Strombafort is used both solo (i.e. the only drug on the course) and in combination with various drugs with a high androgenic index, such as testosterones – enanthate, cypionate, propionate.

The minimum "working dosage" of the drug is from 30 mg per day and directly depends on the weight of the athlete.

Recommended dosages depending on body weight:

  • up to 80 kg. – 30 mg per day
  • 80-100 kg. – 40 mg per day
  • more than 100 kg. – 50 mg per day

As mentioned above, the prerogative of strombafort is the use in combined courses for "drying"

The most common combination, especially among amateur bodybuilders, is strombafort and testosterone propionate.

"Propik" is used in a dosage of 100 mg. every other day, or 50 mg., every day, stanase 40-50 mg. everyday. Or 50 mg every other day, if the injectable form of the camp is used.

Taking stanozolol in any course can significantly increase the effect of the use of a particular drug, since strombafort increases the amount of free testosterone in the body by reducing the amount of testosterone-binding globulin.

Strombafort is simply indispensable for courses that use nandrolones – decanoate and phenylpropionate, as it allows you to avoid the side effects inherent in nandrolones.

Strombafort solo course

If you decide to use stanozolol solo, then take the drug at a dosage of 40-50 mg, a lower dosage may not be effective. The time intervals between taking strombafort should not exceed 6 hours.

The course must be built with the expectation of 6-8 weeks.

Very often, strombafort is used together with clenbuterol in courses aimed at drying.

Clenbuterol in this case is taken according to the standard scheme.

After the course, be sure to conduct a PCT.

It is necessary to start PCT after the steroid has “worked out” in the body – two to three days after taking the last tablet of the strobe.

Both clomid and tamoxifen can be taken on PCT. The difference will only be in cost. The drugs will be equally effective. Therapy should last 25 days. The first 15 days you take 20 mg Clomid or Tamox, the next 10 days 10 mg.

Strombafort customer reviews

Judging by the reviews of numerous buyers, you can expect from the strombafort course:

  • Increasing the relief and section of the muscles – the main effect of strombafort
  • Significant increase in stamina and strength
  • Increase in strength indicators
  • Removal of excess fluid from the body
  • Reducing the percentage of body fat

Subject to diet and proper training, balkan strombafort will give you an increase in "dry meat" of 3-5 kg., For a 6 week course.

Strombafort Side Effects

Strombafort is included in the category of so-called "safe" drugs.

The extremely low androgenic index allows the athlete not to be afraid of the side effects associated with aromatization. Such a drug is simply absent.

Due to the low androgenic activity, it moderately inhibits the production of its own testosterone. But it is precisely in this feature that the main “trick” lies, because androgens increase libido.

There are reviews of a drop in libido during the course of strombafort. (After discontinuation of the drug, and PCT, libido returned to normal)

In addition, the drug greatly "dries" the ligaments and articular bags.

In view of this quality, on the course of this solo preparation, it is necessary to train in an intensive manner and forget about large working weights.

Ignoring this recommendation can lead to ligament injury and pain in large joints.

That is why the use of strombafort solo is not the best idea.

We recommend taking strombafort in combination with androgenic steroids – testosterones and testosterone mixes, nandrolones, which will negate these negative effects.

Despite the fact that, like any tableted AS, the Balkan camp has some hepatotoxicity, nothing threatens your liver and health.

On the course of strombafort, it is possible to increase the levels of liver enzymes in the blood, which will return to normal after the anabolic is discontinued.

With caution, it is worth using the "stromba" for people prone to baldness (bald or balding relatives in the male line)

Due to the low price and outstanding qualities demanded in bodybuilding and other sports, strombafort has gained immense popularity.

The great demand for Strombafort Balkans has given rise to many "counterfeit offices" that, in "artisanal" conditions, have established the production of this steroid.

At this time, there are a huge number of fake strombafort preparations on the market, which are practically indistinguishable from the original. Great chance of running into a fake.

Studying the forums, we found reviews that even stores that are in the top of the search results, using their "reputation", did not disdain to sell counterfeit products.

It is difficult for us to judge how true these reviews are.

But if you want to buy original strombafort, then you should order it from us.

We guarantee the originality of our products and will never sell counterfeit products.



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