Testosterone Mix Cygnus 300 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Mix Cygnus)

Testosterone Mix Cygnus 300 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Mix Cygnus)




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If you are looking for a very effective product at an affordable price, then Pharmasust 300 is exactly what you are looking for. Being a truly unique product, every athlete will appreciate its properties.

About the drug

What is unique about this drug? Sustanon Signus is an ester that combines 4 types of testosterone: decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocarpoanate and propionate. Due to the fact that the composition contains 4 different ethers, the breakdown and absorption by the body occurs continuously and gradually. This avoids the occurrence of various seals at the injection sites, pain and irritation on the skin. Although the effect itself is not much different if you worked each of the components separately. But thanks to the mixture, the injection should be done no more than once a week. Reviews about Sustanon Pharmacom say that injections can be done once every one and a half weeks, although everything is individual.

Technically, 300 mg of the drug contains 36 milligrams of propionate, 72 milligrams of phenylpropionate and isocaproate, and the balance is supplemented with testosterone decanoate.The beauty of such a mixture is that the components complement each other and their action begins almost immediately after the introduction and lasts about a week unchanged.

If we talk about the price of Sustanon Signus, then it is in the range from 750 to 900 hryvnia. You can buy Sustanon 300 in Ukraine only through special websites, since ordinary pharmacies do not allow the purchase of such drugs.

Admission rules

The course is not too long – a maximum of a month, but discuss with your doctor and trainer how to take Sustanon 300 before you start the injection of the medication. Depending on individual characteristics, the duration of the course and dosage may vary. On average, the maximum dosage of the drug in the blood occurs two weeks after the start.

The general range of steroid use is from 250 to 750 mg per week, provided that the injections themselves are made no more than once a week. Women should not use this drug, as it conflicts with their hormonal levels.

Positive Effects

From the use of this drug, you can notice the following positive aspects:

  • Muscle relief. Tense muscles after training quickly decrease in volume, creating high-quality muscle mass with good shapes. This is due to the active formation of protein.
  • Protection from the so-called rollback. Thanks to a mixture of several esters, the muscles are immediately strong and after the end of the course there will be no reduction in muscle size and similar troubles.
  • The athlete becomes more resilient. This is quite expected when taking anabolic steroids, but, nevertheless, an important bonus.
  • Increase in appetite. This is due to certain hormones that are produced in the body when using this drug.
  • Increased male libido and a pronounced sexual desire. Testosterone – there's no getting around it.

Side effects

As the reviews about Sustanon Signus say, no one had any strong side effects, but forewarned is forearmed.

  • Increase in body fat percentage. This is expected, since the drug itself causes an increase in appetite and fat deposits are much easier to get.
  • If the recommended dose is exceeded, acne (acne, pimples), baldness or active hair growth may occur. To avoid this, you need to sometimes do hormone tests during the course and adjust the dosage.

These are the minor side effects that Sustanon 300 causes, but in the right combination with other drugs, this can be avoided.


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