Testosterone U Balkan Pharmaceuticals 1000 mg/4ml, 10 ampoules, (Testosterone U Balkan Undecanoate)

Testosterone U Balkan Pharmaceuticals 1000 mg/4ml, 10 ampoules, (Testosterone U Balkan Undecanoate)




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A novelty on the market of anabolic steroids – Testosterone U (Testosterona U) – the trade name of the "long-playing" testosterone ester produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Testosterona U is a complete analogue of the drug called "Nebido" from Bayer Pharmaceuticals AG. The basis of the drug is the oily ester of testosterone undecanoate. The only difference between testosterone undecanoate and the Balkans is the price, which is at least 15 times cheaper than the German counterpart.

If the price of Nebido in the pharmacy chain reaches 5000 UAH, for ONE! ampoule, then the price for one ampoule of testosterone undecanoate is about 260 UAH, despite the fact that the quality and quantity of the active substance will be the same as that of the Nebido trademark

Testosterone U Description

Testosterone undecanoate has the same properties and effects as any other testosterone ester. (read the description of testosterone enanthate)

The colossal difference from other “long” esters is the period of action of this testosterone:

After one injection, the drug acts “evenly”, for about 14 days, which allows you not to make frequent injections, which is especially important in the “Eternal Courses” or when performing hormone replacement therapy.

One injection, once every two weeks, is enough to maintain a high level of exogenous testosterone in the body of an athlete. Agree, quite convenient.

Testosterone undecanoate is supplied in ampoules – 4 ml each, the concentration of the active substance per 1 milliliter is 250 mg. Total in one ampoule 1 gram of dough.

Perhaps you were visited by the question, why fill in the ampoule how much oil?

The answer is simple: Testosterone undecanoate is often prescribed by doctors for therapeutic purposes, to men suffering from hypodynamism – a disease associated with insufficient production of their own testosterone by the endocrine glands.

It is the dosage of 1 gamma that is prescribed to patients, taking into account 1 ampoule approximately every 20-30 days.

You can order original and high-quality Testosterone undecanoate at a bargain price by placing an order on our website. If you are looking for where to buy Nebido, then you can safely buy this product, which is an analogue of Nebido, the price of which is significantly lower, without losing quality.



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