The course of Turinabol and Sustanon (for weight)

The course of Turinabol and Sustanon (for weight)




We offer you to buy a course of turinabol – sustanon 250, with a 6% discount. + PCT

This course is best suited for beginners and intermediate athletes who have already tried oral steroids and want to expand and improve their experience by adding an injectable steroid to their cycle.

The course is built according to the classical scheme – androgen + anabolic. Turinabol acts as an anabolic, and sustanon (sust) acts as an androgen.

Course outline

A detailed scheme for taking the course of Sustanon – Turinabol with a breakdown for each day, you can download from the link – DOWNLOAD

The course is designed for the optimal period for beginners – 7 weeks.

The course is based on a multi-component long-acting steroid – Sustanon 250. The active substance of Susta includes four testosterones with short and long-lived esters.

The use of Sustanon allows you to quickly “reach” the optimal concentration of the active substance in the body.

After the injection, the esters of Sustanon act in sequence. Propionate starts working first, almost immediately after injection. Then the baton takes the dough phenylpropionate and so on. The duration of action of Sust in the body is approximately 20 days.

On a combined course of Sustanon + Turinabol, the risk of getting side effects is less than on a course with other “long” testosterones.

What can you expect from the Sust and Turik course:

  • Rapid weight gain and strength up to 10 kg for a course of 7 weeks

  • The classic combination of androgen and anabolic significantly increases the effect of the course

  • Course without the risk of side effects

  • Faster recovery after hard workouts

  • High physical and emotional tone

  • Effective recovery after the course with minimal rollback

How to take a ready-made course:

When we use sustanon on a cycle, we need to inject it a little more often than any other “long” testosterone.

The injection should be done once every five days. In addition, it is ideal to do “loading”. After the first injection, we put a double dosage – 500 mg. (Two ampoules) In subsequent times, we reduce the dosage to 250 mg. and set once every 5 days.

Turinabol we take 3 tablets per day divided into two doses. Evening and Morning. Take 2 tablets in the morning and one in the evening. It is advisable to take the drug at the same time.

All the nuances of taking the Turinabol – Sustanon course, we took into account in the regimen, which you can download from the link at the beginning of the description.

PCT after a course of sust – turik begins 3 weeks after the last injection of Sustanon 250, and 24 hours after taking the last stanozolol tablet. The scheme of reception and dosage of Clomid is indicated in the extended scheme of the course.

Author: Alexander Tykhy

Expert in the application of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding. The trainer is a nutritionist. Author of articles on the use of steroids.

From the author:

I am for a reasonable and scientific approach to the use of steroids in sports.

I have 15 years of personal, practical, experience in the use of anabolic steroids.

Since 2014, my main activity has been individual consultations and the full conduct of AAS courses.

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