Trenbolone SP Labs 75 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Acetate SP Labs)

Trenbolone SP Labs 75 mg/ml, 10 ml (vial), (Acetate SP Labs)




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Trenbolone 75 (trenbolone acetate sp) is rightfully considered one of the most powerful drugs for building quality muscle mass and strength indicators. Many athletes who have tried trenbolone literally divide their sports life into “before” and “after”. With a competent approach, the absence of holes in nutrition and training, Trenbolone 75 will provide a tremendous increase in muscle mass, while helping not only to maintain the level of fat, but also get rid of it even during the period of gaining MM. The drug is good for all purposes of the athlete. However, it is worth remembering the other side of trenbolone acetate SP labs. This is a progestin, which means you should be very careful with it.

Effects of taking Trenbolone 75 SP

  • A set of the most dry hard muscle mass, a significantly accelerated recovery of the body between loads, an increase in overall tone.

  • A colossal acceleration in the growth of power indicators.

  • It has a healing effect on joints and ligaments.

  • Increases libido (subject to a normal balance of sex hormones)

  • May cause an increase in the level of estradiol in the blood, despite the fact that it does not aromatize.

  • Increased prolactin levels (requires cabergoline).

How to take Trenbolone 75 SP

The course of Trenbolon 75 should ideally last 6-8 weeks. The acetate form of the drug has a PP in 24-48 hours, so you will feel the work of the drug almost immediately after the injection.

Trenbolone 75 should be taken at a dosage of 50-100 mg every other day. Here it’s worth mentioning right away that it’s impossible to “tough” with dosages in any case, you will feel a tremendous result even with 100 mg / week. But an unjustified increase in dosages can lead to the expression of side effects.

On the course of SP Trenbolon 75, it is strictly necessary to control the level of estradiol and prolactin. With an increased level of prolactin, it is necessary to start taking cabergoline (trade name – "bergolac", "dostinex"). It is MANDATORY to take the drug along with testosterone.

You can learn about all the intricacies of taking this drug and how to deal with side effects on the main page of the Trenbolone Acetate category.


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