Tropin SP Labs 1 vial 10iu (3.3mg), 10 vials, (Tropin Somatropin SP Labs)

Tropin SP Labs 1 vial 10iu (3.3mg), 10 vials, (Tropin Somatropin SP Labs)




Buy Somatropin Growth Hormone from SP Labs

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Why buy Growth Hormone from SP Labs

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This drug is produced by the Moldovan company SP Labs, and it is a synthetic growth hormone. This pharmaceutical manufacturer has earned a good reputation, and its products are very popular with athletes. SP Tropin is an effective type of sports pharmaceutical with which you can increase weight and get rid of excess fat.

SP Tropin Effects

The drug is based on synthetic somatotropin obtained using recombinant technology. This substance was developed to solve medical problems, but later it turned out to be in demand in sports. SP Tropin has the same properties as the endogenous hormone.Recall that this substance in the body produces one of the departments of the pituitary gland, and the maximum rate of its secretion is observed at night.

The drug produces a large number of positive effects on the body. To begin with, GH is one of the most powerful anabolics in the body. In addition, the substance helps to slow down the breakdown of proteins, which indicates the presence of anti-catabolic activity. Using growth hormone SP Labs, you can not only gain weight or get rid of fat, but also activate the processes of hyperplasia of muscle fibers.

As a result, the number of cells in the tissues increases, which can then be pumped. Thus, we can say that SP Tropin can be bought to expand the genetic potential of bodybuilders. An equally important feature of the drug is its ability to improve the quality of bone and connective tissues. In addition, the performance of the elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus is noticeably improved.

With all the advantages of GR, it is almost completely devoid of disadvantages. Side effects on the course can only occur if the recommendations are not followed. At the first use of the drug, unpleasant moments are possible, for example, the appearance of pain in the joints. However, they go away on their own within a few days.

SP Tropin how to take

A few years ago, preparations based on somatotropin were used only in professional sports. This was due to their rather high cost. Today, many amateur bodybuilders can already afford to buy GH, because Tropin SP is quite affordable.

Of course, somatotropin still exceeds the cost of some steroids, but is no longer an elite drug.The duration of use of GH should be at least three months. At the same time, excessively prolonged use should be avoided. In such a situation, the risks of side effects increase. Since the half-life of the active substance of the drug is small, it is necessary to give injections twice a day.

In this case, the daily dose is from 10 to 30 units. We recommend that sports fans limit themselves to 10-15 units. This amount of the drug is sufficient to obtain good results. Also, each new course should start with 5 units, and then increase the dose to the desired one.

Note that the solo course of somatotropin will be most effective during the drying period. If the drug was purchased for weight gain, then it is better to combine it with Testosterone Cypionate (Enanthate), Sustanon or Boldenone. For preparations based on the male hormone, the optimal weekly dose is 500 mg, and for bold – 600 mg.

SP Tropin Reviews

Finding reviews on the JV Tropin network will be quite simple. All products of this manufacturer are very popular, and GR is no exception. Athletes note the good quality of growth hormone and its safety. The attractive price is also often mentioned.


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