Turinabol solo course (for the first course)

Turinabol solo course (for the first course)




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Course outline

You can download a detailed scheme for taking the course of testosterone turinabol solo with a breakdown for each day, you can download at the link – DOWNLOAD


The composition of the Turinabol solo course includes:

200 tablets Turanabol Malay Tiger – premium quality Turanabol

25 tablets Clomid Malay Tiger

In our opinion, turinabol solo is the best course to try sports pharmacology for the first time.

What can you expect from a Turinabol solo cycle:

  • from 5 kilograms of dry, high-quality muscle mass without fat and fluid retention in the body (the amount of meat gained primarily depends on nutrition)

  • No side effects such as: gynecomastia, flooding, high blood pressure.

  • Increasing strength and endurance

  • Minimum “rollback” after the course, or no rollback at all

How to take a course of turinabol solo

Turinabol solo course is calculated based on the optimal course time for this drug – 7 weeks, as well as the optimal dosage for maximum results – 40 mg. (4 tablets per day)

Turinabol is taken solo “even background”.

The daily dosage is divided into two parts.

The first 2 tablets are taken in the morning, before or after meals.

The second part is taken in the afternoon, 10-12 hours after taking the first part of the drug.

Reception of Turinabol does not depend on the time of training.

PCT after a course of turinabol solo

Post-cycle therapy after a course of turinabol begins 24 hours after taking the last tablet of turinabol.

For PCT, after a course of Turinabol 6-8 weeks, 25 Clomid tablets are enough.

The first 15 days, Clomid is taken one tablet a day – 50 mg, in the morning.

For the next 10 days, Clomid is taken half a tablet every day.

Be sure to buy vitamins and also take them on PCT. After you stop taking Clomid, you can use any testosterone booster.

How can I increase the course of turinabol solo?

For the best possible result, you should consume at least 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. And at least 4-5 grams of carbohydrates.

In conditions of not enough protein and carbohydrates (energy), the Turinabol solo course will be ineffective, or you will not notice the result at all!

If you are having difficulty meeting your daily protein intake, we recommend that you buy protein, at least the cheapest one. Such a purchase will help you significantly increase the effectiveness of the course.

Also, be sure to purchase a vitamin-mineral complex, which you take throughout the course and at PCT.

Author: Alexander Tykhy

Expert in the application of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding. The trainer is a nutritionist. Author of articles on the use of steroids.

From the author:

I am for a reasonable and scientific approach to the use of steroids in sports.

I have 15 years of personal, practical, experience in the use of anabolic steroids.

Since 2014, my main activity has been individual consultations and the full conduct of AAS courses.

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