WINS-50 Allchem ​​Asia 50 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (WINS-50 Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia)

WINS-50 Allchem ​​Asia 50 mg/ml, 10 ampoules, (WINS-50 Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia)




Buy Winstrol (Winstrol depot) from Allchem ​​Asia

We offer you to buy high-quality and original WINS-50 Allchem ​​Asia 50 mg/ml at a good price in the online store of steroids Pharma UA. The drug is protected from fakes by the presence of a verification code. Fast sending across Ukraine. Order today, before 15-00 and the goods will be delivered to you on the next business day.

If you are looking for a drug with high anabolic activity and virtually no androgenic effect, then pay attention to the reviews about Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia. The history of this drug is quite long, however, there are many positive reviews about the use of this steroid.

About the drug

Going back to the origins of Winstrol, it was first released by the company to help people recover from complex operations, to treat anemia, that is, muscle failure, and for veterinary purposes to improve the appetite of animals and strengthen their bones. First of all, it was applied to horses that competed to improve performance on their part. In this case, the drug was successful: the horses gained weight, set new records on the run, and gradually people began to use Winstrol for their own purposes.

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One example of such people is the well-known Ben Johnson, who was a world runner. His great form and speed, he must pay tribute to this particular medication.

At the moment, doping is prohibited in competitions, but no one can prohibit their use for their own purposes. Therefore, WINS 50 is not difficult to buy in Ukraine and is available in most online stores with sports supplements. The price of Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia varies from UAH 680 to 810. A feature of this drug is that it has low androgenic activity, which means minimal harm to the female half. Therefore, this product can truly be called unique.

How to choose a course

If you do not know how to take Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia or how to adjust the course for yourself, then you should start with a medical study. Visit a doctor and study your hormonal background in detail. Based on research, ask a trainer or knowledgeable person to guide you on how to adjust your medication levels. This drug is available in the form of ampoules and tablets. There is no difference in which format to choose – the result will be the same. On average, the course lasts from 5 to 8 weeks. Recovery can begin a couple of days after the end of medication. For best results, it is recommended to stick to a sports nutrition set for drying.

Also, this drug can be used in combination with other drugs. It would be best to buy Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia with some strong androgens. This will help stabilize the situation and reduce the effect of estrogen on the body.

Positive effect on the body

During the course, the drug has the following effect:

  • increase in appetite
  • breakdown of the fat layer
  • enrichment of the blood with oxygen due to increased production of red blood cells,
  • increasing the strength of the athlete,
  • drying the body and giving the muscles a pronounced relief,
  • increased endurance during training, reduced rest time,
  • a decrease in the level of a hormone that creates a balance of hormonal levels. Therefore, it is recommended to select androgenic steroids in combination with this drug.

Side effects:

  • severe pain in the joints, possible deformation of the ligaments,
  • headaches and high blood pressure,
  • increase in cholesterol
  • hair loss (5 to 10 percent),
  • rashes on the face in the form of acne,
  • decrease in libido.


Frequently asked questions about Winstrol (WINS 50) from Allchem ​​Asia Where is the best price for Winstrol (WINS 50) (Allchem ​​Asia)?

In our steroid store you can buy Stanozolol produced by Alchem ​​Asia for 15.25 USD. All prices are presented at the current exchange rate in UAH.

Where to buy original Stanozolol (WINS 50) in Ukraine?

You can buy the original Stanozolol Alchem ​​Asia in our Pharma SA store. We sell only original drugs from trusted manufacturers, which can be checked for authenticity using a special code on the manufacturers' websites.

Is it possible to buy Winstrol (Allchem ​​Asia) cash on delivery / without prepayment

Yes, you can place an order for Winstrol Alchem ​​Asia cash on delivery with payment upon receipt. But we will ask you to make an advance payment of 200 UAH as a guarantee that you will pick up your order.

How to order Winstrol (Alchem ​​Asia) with delivery in Ukraine?

You can place an order for Allchem ​​Asia stanozolol, with delivery in Ukraine, to any city where there are branches of Nova Poshta.When placing an order, in the shopping cart, in the city field, start typing the first letters of your locality and the system will automatically substitute the city, select the number of the NP branch, and click place an order. Finished, the order went to work.

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