Anapolon Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab, 60 tabs

Anapolon Balkan Pharmaceuticals 50 mg/tab, 60 tabs




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Anapolon Balkan – today is one of the most effective anabolic drugs. The steroid is available in oral form, which is based on oxymetholone and has strong anabolic properties.

Characteristics of the mode of action of Anadrol Balkan

An indicative difference between Anadrol and other steroids is its combination of androgenic and anabolic action. Anapolon 50 allows you to gain solid muscle mass and strength over a fairly short period. Two weeks after the start of taking the drug, you can gain 5-7 kg of muscle mass.

The downside is that the gained mass does not have sufficient quality, since a significant amount of water accumulates in the body, due to which the athlete seems more massive. Since muscle tissue cells attract water to themselves, the muscles soon appear smooth, as if inflated. This drug is a good way to build muscle mass in a short time between seasons.

Oxymetholone provokes an increased production of red blood cells, due to which the muscles are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients necessary for their growth and good work. The use of anadrol increases the endurance of the athlete, therefore, even after making several approaches, the athlete does not feel tired. In addition, the drug gives an instant effect of pumping a particular muscle group. Some athletes even talk about the excessive pumping effect, because after a few sets they have to finish working on one muscle group and move on to another. Anpolon accelerates the recovery processes in the body, so the feeling of "overtraining" does not threaten you, and even after a long and productive workout, the athlete feels full of strength and energy.

The positive point is that the price of Anpolon is moderate, and the effectiveness in most cases is no worse than many other more expensive drugs.

Anadrol was invented back in 1960 and until 1990 it was freely available. However, since 1990, it has become quite problematic to acquire this drug, due to the stoppage of the production of oxymetholone-containing drug. At the moment, the situation has changed, and the drug can be purchased by everyone who needs it. Our site offers you one of the most popular and sought-after drugs at affordable prices. The price reduction is due to direct cooperation with the manufacturer, without intermediaries and extra charges.

Anadrol course

You will get the most effective result from taking 50-100 mg of the drug (1-2 tablets) per day. Athletes with experience can take three tablets per day. It is best to take the drug during meals.
The duration of the course is 6-9 weeks.Further use of the drug is not recommended, as this may adversely affect the health of the athlete.

Anadrol combines well with other drugs, including injectables. The most frequent combinations with injectable steroids are Sustanon + Anadrol, Testosterone + Anadrol. Such combinations help to gain a sufficient amount of muscle mass, while the mass is not lost after the end of the application. Particular attention should be paid to the combination of Anadrol + Parabolan + Sustanon. This is one of the most popular combinations that helps to gain solid muscle weight with good quality, as well as improve strength and endurance.

The combination of Anapolon + Nandrolone Decanoate helps to gain muscle mass quite quickly.

Anapolon 50 is also used by athletes who suffer from diseases of the joints, since the synthesis of synovial fluid (articular lubrication) is activated.

Anadrol reviews

This is a drug that makes it possible to gain a large amount of muscle mass and significantly improve strength performance. Annapolone is taken by experienced athletes who have already studied their body's response to steroids. For beginners and young athletes, it is better to take milder steroids, since weaker steroids will also be quite effective for their body.

Reviews suggest that in older people the body reacts quite negatively to Anadrol, there is a deterioration in health, including liver diseases, so this category of people should also not take this drug.

It is also not recommended for women to use Anapolon, since it has a high androgenic activity, as a result of which there is a very high probability of side effects.Reviews of women who, despite the warnings, took the course of anadrol confirm that after the course they had irreversible signs of masculinization. Among the most common side effects: hair loss on the head, acne, decreased voice timbre, increased hair growth on other parts of the body, clitoral hypertrophy, etc.

But some athletes are not afraid of such side effects. They talk about the impressive effect of the drug and that only thanks to this drug they have achieved stunning results.

Anapolon contraindications

Anadrol is considered not only one of the most effective, but also one of the most dangerous drugs. Consider it so for the most part due to the fact that the drug has a high hepatoxicity, athletes need to constantly monitor the state of the liver, since it is quite possible that Anadrol can adversely affect its condition. This effect can be partially eliminated with preparations based on milk thistle, Kapsil, etc. However, do not forget that hepatoprotectors should not be taken for more than a month, as this can lead to stagnation of bile. Therefore, after a month you need to take a break.

Anapolon reduces the level of iron in the blood, which also needs to be controlled, since a strong decrease in the amount of iron can lead to anemia. Control can be carried out using special blood tests. In addition, there are a number of possible serious side effects. It includes, first of all, an increase in blood sugar levels, which can develop into diabetes mellitus. In addition, the drug affects the level of cholesterol. People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system should take Anadrol with caution.If you suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, then this drug should also be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

There is a hypothesis that if you take Anadrol for too long, it can cause cancer of the blood and liver, but it has not yet been confirmed, however, and has not been refuted.

In some cases, side effects are manifested in the form of jaundice, which disappears after discontinuation of the drug.

Common side effects are vomiting, nausea, and indigestion.

Another side effect has to do with libido. At the beginning of the course, it rises sharply, then it is oppressed.
However, if you correctly draw up a course, take the drug reasonably, do not abuse it, then the results exceed all expectations.


Frequently asked questions about Anapolon (Anapolon) manufacturer Balkan Pharma Where is the best price for Anapolon (Balkan Pharma)?

In our steroid store you can buy Anapolon produced by Balkan Pharma for 12 USD. All prices are presented at the current exchange rate in UAH.

Where to buy original Anapolon (Balkan Pharma) in Ukraine?

You can buy the original Anadrol Balkan Pharma from us in the Pharma SA store. We sell only original drugs from trusted manufacturers, which can be checked for authenticity using a special code on the manufacturers' websites.

Is it possible to buy Anapolon (Balkan Pharma) cash on delivery / without prepayment

Yes, you can place an order for Anapolon Balkan Pharma cash on delivery with payment upon receipt. But we will ask you to make an advance payment of 200 UAH as a guarantee that you will pick up your order.

How to order Anapolon (Balkan Pharma) with delivery in Ukraine?

You can place an order for Ananpolon Balkan Pharma, with delivery in Ukraine, to any city where there are branches of Nova Poshta. When placing an order, in the shopping cart, in the city field, start typing the first letters of your locality and the system will automatically substitute the city, select the number of the NP branch, and click place an order. Finished, the order went to work.

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