Ergo 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (Oxandrolone ERGO Oxandrolone Ergo)

Ergo 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (Oxandrolone ERGO Oxandrolone Ergo)




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Oxandrolone by ERGO is a powerful oral steroid with a strong anabolic effect and low androgenic activity, synthesized on the basis of oxandrolone and stimulating the production of creatine phosphate in muscle cells to increase the strength of athletes. The drug is widely known in the market of sports supplements and is actively used by bodybuilders and powerlifters to quickly increase the quality of muscle mass, increase the level of strength and endurance.

For the first time, the drug was used as a medicine to strengthen bones and restore the skin after burns of varying severity, and was also prescribed to HIV-infected patients. The active substance of the drug was developed in 1965 and has long served as a growth stimulant for people suffering from osteoporosis.

In medicine, oxandrolone has found application in strengthening joints and ligaments, and has been used for anemia and Turner's syndrome. During the synthesis of the drug, it was assumed that men, women and children would use it, this justifies its low androgenic effect and the almost complete absence of side effects.

After some time, the drug was noticed by professional bodybuilders and powerlifters and began to be used as an anabolic steroid to increase speed-strength performance. Due to the ability to increase strength and endurance, and not muscle mass, oxandrolone ergo has become a godsend for athletes and athletes who do not want to move to another weight category. Also, the tool will be appreciated by athletes allergic to testosterone and girls for whom the steroid is a harmless alternative to anabolic drugs.

The effects of taking the drug

Oxandrolone is a safe remedy with a large list of positive effects, which include:

  • safe set of dry muscle mass and its preservation,
  • increase in hardness and relief of muscles,
  • a significant increase in the level of power indicators,
  • stimulation of burning subcutaneous fat,
  • increased production of growth hormone,
  • strengthening and enhancing bone growth,
  • no destruction of liver tissue and no harmful effects on the organ,
  • lack of suppression of the synthesis of the natural male sex hormone,
  • improved mood and increased libido,
  • rejuvenation of the body as a whole.

The anabolic effect of oxanabol is 4 times higher than the effect of testosterone, which is due to the structure of the active substance of the drug.

How to take Oxandrolone ERGO

It is reasonable to use the course of Oxandrolone solo solely for the attraction of strength indicators without significant muscle growth. Men begin to use the drug with a dosage of 20 milligrams per day and, as the course progresses, increase the amount of the drug used to 80 milligrams. The decision to increase the dose must be made based on the body's response to the active substance.The total duration of taking an anabolic steroid is 6-8 weeks. Girls athletes are prescribed 10-20 milligrams of the drug daily for 6 weeks, allowing for the possibility of increasing the dose.

Oxandrolone is allowed to be combined with testosterone, primobolan and sustanon, which allows you to enhance the effect of taking the steroid and reduces the chance of undesirable consequences. The drug is able to enhance the action of methandienone, oxymetholone and andriol, which makes it desirable to use them during the course. At the drying stage, oxandrolone is used simultaneously with clenbuterol, fluoxymesterone and stanozolol to get rid of subcutaneous fat and excess fluid accumulated in muscle tissues. You can get the maximum benefit from the course with the help of sports nutrition, diets, sleep and regular exercise.

Oxandrolone is excreted from the body within 10-14 days, after which it becomes impossible to detect the steroid on a doping test, which is a godsend for athletes preparing for important competitions.

Contraindications and side effects

Oxandrolone is a safe steroid that does not cause aromatization, but can cause health problems due to overdose, unreasonable extension of the course of taking the drug and hypersensitivity of the body to its components. Among the possible side effects are the following: liver damage, loss of appetite, headaches and sexual dysfunction, but the chance of their occurrence tends to zero.

When using large doses of the drug during the course, it is desirable to carry out post-course therapy to restore all body functions.PCT is built on the basis of tamoxifen, which is used at 10 milligrams per day for 7-14 days. This time is enough to resume the production of natural testosterone.


Frequently asked questions about Oxandrolone by ERGO Where is the best price for Oxandrolone (ERGO)?

In our steroid store you can buy Ergo's Oxandrolone for 34 USD. All prices are presented at the current exchange rate in UAH.

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You can buy the original Oxandrolone Ergo from us at Pharma SA. We sell only original drugs from trusted manufacturers, which can be checked for authenticity using a special code on the manufacturers' websites.

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Yes, you can place an order for Oxandrolone ERGO cash on delivery with payment upon receipt. But we will ask you to make an advance payment of 200 UAH as a guarantee that you will pick up your order.

How to order Oxandrolone (Ergo) with delivery in Ukraine?

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