Anastrozol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 1 mg/tab, 100 tab

Anastrozol Balkan Pharmaceuticals 1 mg/tab, 100 tab




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Anastrozole is a non-steroidal drug manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Moldova.

The trade name "Anastrozole" is also the name of the active substance – Anastrozole, which is used in this drug.

Anastrozole is a highly selective third-generation aromatase (estrogen) inhibitor.

Release form – yellow square tablets, active ingredient in 1 tab. – 1 mg.

Available in blister packs of 20 tablets. There are 60 tablets in a package, but you can buy anastrozole in a blister pack from us.

Anastrozole price in pharmacies is very high and more expensive, 10 times more than in our online store. At the same time, buying anastrozole from us, you do not risk quality, since the quality of Anastrozole Balkan is pharmacy.

Anastrozole in bodybuilding why?

Buying anastrozole would be a good idea on cycles of steroids that are highly aromatized (Drugs with a high androgenic index.)

As we know, excessive aromatization of steroids can cause a variety of estrogen-dependent side effects:

  • Development of gynecomastia

  • A set of fat deposits in places that are typical for women (buttocks, thighs, chest)

  • Fluid retention in the body, as a result of the effect of "filled" muscles, the muscles quickly "clog" during training.

  • Increase in blood pressure

The purchase and use of anastrozole on the AS course avoids the development of side effects associated with the aromatization of steroids. In addition, taking anastrozole in bodybuilding, on a course of steroids, can improve the quality of the recruited muscles (the effect of "muscle stiffness"), increase the amount of free testosterone in the athlete's bloodstream, leading to greater effectiveness of the drug used.

Anastrozole how to take?

As a rule, bodybuilders of all stripes begin to take anastrozole only when signs of gynecomastia appear, or gynecomastia has already appeared (However, it is customary for us to take all drugs aimed at combating gynecomastia).

The most optimal option for taking anastrozole in bodybuilding is to test for estrogen levels, after 10 days, if "short drugs" are used – testosterone propionate, methane, or after 3-4 weeks, if drugs with a long life period are used (testosterone enanthate, cypionate , sustanon).

If signs of gynecomastia have not yet appeared, half a tablet or 0.5 mg. taken every other day will be sufficient to moderately suppress aromatization and prevent side effects.

After another 10-14 days, it is advisable to re-test for estradiol and, if necessary, adjust the dosage of the drug up or down.(If you suppress aromatization excessively, taking high dosages, then the effectiveness of the course decreases, and the general well-being of the athlete, a decrease in libido is possible)

Anastrozole Balkan can be taken at any time, regardless of the meal. But the most optimal is to take the drug 30 minutes before meals. In this case, the active substance enters the blood faster.

For prophylactic purposes, anastrozole is taken at 0.5 mg. in one day. If you have begun to develop gynecomastia, you should take anastrozole 1 mg. everyday. After the disappearance of signs of gynecomastia, you should continue taking anastazol in prophylactic dosages.

Anastrozole in dosages of 1 mg. per day is taken with courses of flavoring drugs in large dosages.

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