GD Strombaged GD (Golden Dragon) 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (GD Strombaged Stanozolol Golden Dragon)

GD Strombaged GD (Golden Dragon) 10 mg/tab, 100 tab, (GD Strombaged Stanozolol Golden Dragon)




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Strombaged is a steroid drug manufactured by the Hong Kong pharmaceutical company Golden Dragon. This steroid is characterized by a high anabolic effect of 320% and a low androgenic effect of 30%. The active substance of the chemical composition of the drug is stanazolol. The drug is available in the form of tablets. Initially, the steroid was used in medicine and veterinary medicine, but due to minimal adverse reactions and a positive effect on the physical capabilities of a person, it began to be widely used in professional sports.


Strombaged can be bought and taken even by women and novice athletes who have not previously undergone steroid therapy. Stanazolol Golden Dragon is ranked among a number of safe steroid drugs. Anabolic steroid is used by athletes of the following disciplines: bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting. With its help, athletes manage to build high-quality muscle mass and increase their strength potential. The drug is not prone to aromatization. Competing athletes are prohibited from taking during the competition.Doping control reveals the presence of the drug after one year.

What properties are inherent in this steroid

Reviews about Strombaged from professional athletes confirm the rationality of undergoing therapy and note positive effects on the body:

  • decreased globulin levels
  • beautiful muscles and a clear relief,
  • fat burning effect
  • helps to get rid of excess fluid, it is recommended during the "drying" period,
  • increases physical strength and endurance,
  • appetite improves.

Reviews of Stanozolol Golden Dragon from bodybuilders mark it as an effective anabolic agent at the final stage before the competition, which helps to achieve beautiful relief, draws and highlights muscle fibers. Despite the fact that the drug increases appetite, but still works to burn fat, this is due to the fact that the body uses its own fat as fuel.

Are there side effects from taking this drug?

The negative impact of the steroid drug on the body can have consequences from improper compliance with the dosage of Strombaged Golden Dragon. Side effects are observed in the form of acne, hair loss or excessive hair growth, high blood pressure, suppression of the production of one's own testosterone, an increase in the level of bad cholesterol and myocardial hypertrophy. Stanozolol Golden Dragon has a small percentage of toxicity, is resistant to liver damage. It is worth noting that Strombaged in the form of tablets is less toxic than this drug, produced in the form of injections. In female athletes, there is a coarsening of the voice, a manifestation of masculinization, and rapid growth of body hair.All undesirable side reactions can be avoided without exceeding the prescribed dosages, without delaying the course, and at the end of therapy, undergo a PCT course with the use of vitamins and proteins to restore the hormonal background.

The price of Strombaged Golden Dragon or Stanozolone is on the same level, because it is the same anabolic steroid. A modified name, but the essence and its effectiveness remains the same. You can buy the drug in our online store at an affordable cost. Thanks to Stromboged Golden Dragon, you can achieve clean, lean muscles without a single percentage of fat and fluid.

Reception Features Product_Strombaged tab

How to take Strombaged can be recommended by a qualified doctor or sports trainer based on the physical characteristics of the athlete: age, gender, weight, experience of using anabolics, as well as goals.

The Strombaged course lasts no more than 6-8 weeks. A safe and working daily dose is 40-50 mg for beginners and intermediate athletes. The daily intake is recommended to be divided into two doses, so the efficiency of the drug increases.

Stanozolone works well in combination with Boldenone, which results in weight gain and reduces the chances of adverse reactions. By connecting Turinabol to Stanazolone, you can gain 5 kg of weight in one course, as well as improve muscle quality and reduce the likelihood of the "rollback" phenomenon after the course.



Frequently asked questions about Stanozolol from Golden Dragon Where is the best price for Stanozolol (Golden Dragon)?

In our steroid store you can buy Stanozolol produced by Magnus for 16.35 USD. All prices are presented at the current exchange rate in UAH.

Where to buy original Winstrol (GD Strombaged) in Ukraine?

You can buy original Stanozolol Golden Dragon from us at Pharma SA. We sell only original drugs from trusted manufacturers, which can be checked for authenticity using a special code on the manufacturers' websites.

Is it possible to buy Stanozolol (Golden Dragon) cash on delivery / without prepayment

Yes, you can place an order for Stanozolol Golden Dragon cash on delivery with payment on delivery. But we will ask you to make an advance payment of 200 UAH as a guarantee that you will pick up your order.

How to order Strombaged (Golden Dragon) with delivery in Ukraine?

You can place an order for Stanozolol Golden Dragon, with delivery in Ukraine, to any city where there are branches of Nova Poshta. When placing an order, in the shopping cart, in the city field, start typing the first letters of your locality and the system will automatically substitute the city, select the number of the NP branch, and click place an order. Finished, the order went to work.

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