Magnus , , (Oxandrolone Oxandrolone Magnus)

Magnus , , (Oxandrolone Oxandrolone Magnus)




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Oxandrolone, produced by Magnus, is a brand name for an anabolic androgenic steroid, better known as oxandrolone. In its chemical structure, an oxygen atom was put in place of the second carbon atom.

The drug does not carry a special load on the liver, does not show the ability to aromatize, so you can not be afraid of the unpleasant consequences of estrogenic activity. Due to the weakness of the androgenic effect (the index is only 25), it exhibits the most powerful anabolic activity. The outstanding ability of the drug to influence the improvement of the immune system, in which other anabolic androgenic steroids cannot be compared with it, is especially welcomed.

Who and why takes Oxandrolone Magnus

On the forums of fans of bodybuilding and other power sports disciplines, the drug is advised to be taken by those who already have sufficient muscle mass and do not intend to build it up. Most agree that there should be relatively little fat accumulation. Although many athletes say that this indicator is, in principle, unimportant, since taking the drug in any case will help reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat.

A scientific experiment conducted with a group of untrained older men showed that they were able, by taking oxandrolone, to get rid of part of the adipose tissue, which was replaced by muscles. It is noteworthy that the restoration of fat accumulations subsequently occurred only in the amount of 17% of the lost. Taking Oxandrolone Magnus:

  • increase the hardness of the muscles and the severity of the relief,
  • raise growth hormone levels
  • eliminate fat deposits
  • increase strength.

How the course is built and post-cycle therapy is carried out

The duration of the course should not exceed six to eight weeks. Start it carefully to determine individual tolerance. In the first week, the daily dosage is divided into two doses: morning and afternoon. From the second week, the dosage can be raised to 40-80 mg, providing for three doses per day.

Post-cycle therapy begins two days after the completion of the course. To restore the normal level of endogenous testosterone secretion, it is enough to take 10 mg of tamoxifen daily for one to two weeks.

Oxandrolone Magnus is popular in combination with steroids with a significant androgenic effect:

  • primobolan,
  • testosterone.

Such combined courses are good because they not only eliminate unwanted side effects of the drug, resulting from a decrease in the production of natural testosterone. They contribute to the release of the synergy effect, allowing you to further build muscle mass.

As part of combined courses, the daily dosage of Oxandrolone Magnus is advised not to be raised above 40 mg.

What side effects can be encountered on the course

What you can not be afraid of at all is gynecomastia and fluid retention, since the drug is not converted into estrogens.The level of hepatotoxicity caused by taking the drug is also negligible.

The arc of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes Oxandrolone suppresses far from being as significant as other anabolic androgenic steroids. With significant dosages, the level of gonadotropin drops, which on a long course will need to be maintained by taking a synthetic analogue. Most athletes prefer to maintain testosterone levels in another way, choosing combined cycles with androgenic steroids, which at the same time contributes to their safety.

Other side effects bring much less unrest, such as:

  • pain in the abdomen
  • hypertension,
  • headaches,
  • nausea.

According to reviews, such problems when taking the drug are encountered occasionally. To overcome them, it is quite enough to use simple medicines, including homeopathic ones.


Frequently asked questions about Oxandrolone by Magnus Where is the best price for Oxandrolone (Magnus)?

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How to order Oxandrolone (Magnus) with delivery in Ukraine?

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